Excessive mental stress and a stressful daily routine are the main reason for high blood pressure. Wrong eating habits and irregular life style develop negative thoughts, and a competitive life style increases the risk of this disease. Sometimes high blood pressure could also occur due to the side-effects of some medicines.

Addiction to smoking and alcohol for a long time, consumption of non-vegetarian food, mental stress, anger, feeling of loneliness, lack of exercise, excess intake of salt, continuous medication, obesity, kidney diseases, sleeplessness, being awake till late hours, and holding very high ambitions are the main reasons for hypertension.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure:

Overweight, headache, heaviness and restlessness, palpitation, weariness, sleeplessness, fast heart beat, discomfort, reddishness on face and ears, panicky, short tempered nature, giddiness, nose bleeding are the common symptoms of high blood pressure. It is also known as silent killer, a disease that causes harm slowly. The major health problems that could arise due to high blood pressure are paralysis, brain hemorrhage, heart attack etc.

Yogic Cure for High Blood Pressure:

Yoga has special importance in controlling high blood pressure and regular practice of yoga is very beneficial. Light relaxing exercises are also beneficial in case of this problem.

Deep breathing and Kumbhak should be avoided and postures like Sukhasana, Vajrasana should be used for practicing breathing exercises. Practice Shavasana in case of weariness.

Chandrabhedi pranayam is beneficial in reducing high blood pressure.

Katichakrasana, Tadasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana, Pavan muktasana and Shavasana are very beneficial in case of normal blood pressure level. Body purification processes and Jalaneti are very beneficial.

Regular practice of yoga nidra is helpful in controlling the increased blood pressure levels. Regular practice of meditation reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Nature Cure High for Blood Pressure:

Nature cure gives instant results and controls high blood pressure. It includes keeping wet bandage on stomach and forehead, enema, hot water bath and spine bath.Cold water spine bath is very beneficial in this case. Placing cold bandage on spine is also equally effective.

Keeping a wet mud bandage or lep on whole body once a week is also beneficial.

Water prepared in green bottle after keeping it under sun (during sunset) is ideal. Drink half cup of this water twice daily to control high blood pressure.

The patient of high blood pressure should begin his day with morning walk and try to lead a natural

Diet and Regimen for High Blood Pressure:

Food has an important place in any illness especially in case of high blood pressure.

Food should not cause constipation, and in fact relieve it. Fruit diet is ideal for sometime and then begin the treatment.

Reduce the intake of salt.

Eat seasonal fruits at least three to four times during the day.

Concentrate on food while eating and chew it properly.

The patients of high blood pressure should not eat hot, spicy, stale, heavy food and items made with gram flour, sugar, meat, and avoid smoking, drinking alcohol.

Try to get rid of any negative thoughts at the time of eating food. Negative thinking has bad effect on digestion of the food.

Drink one glass lukewarm lemon water with two spoons honey in the morning.

Eat seasonal fruit like papaya, guava or sprouts and fenugreek or fruit juice in breakfast.

Eat chapatti made with whole wheat flour, one or two boiled green vegetables, salad and curd.

Take any seasonal fruit or fruit juice or lemon water mixed with honey in the evening.

Take one or two chapattis made with whole wheat flour or coarse meal and boiled vegetable along with salad at night.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Mix onion juice and pure honey in equal quantities and take two grams once daily to cure high blood pressure.

Onion juice reduces cholesterol level in the blood and prevents heart attack and controls the stiffness of blood veins. It helps in reducing high blood pressure. Honey makes the heart strong and healthy. Use this remedy for five to seven days and note the difference. Continue it for few days in case of benefit.

Grind watermelon seeds and poppy seeds separately and mix in equal quantities. Take three gram on empty stomach with water twice daily. This controls high blood pressure and helps in getting proper sleep. It also overcomes headache. This should be taken three to four times.

Take three grams of dry fenugreek powder twice daily on empty stomach for 10-15 days with water to reduce high blood pressure. It is also beneficial in case of diabetes.

Chew one or two peeled garlic pods after meals with water. Alternatively, eat the garlic pods wrapped in dry dates (seedless).

Grind wheat and gram in equal quantities and prepare the flour. Make chapattis made with whole wheat flour and eat daily. This controls high bloodpressure within one or two days.

Store water in copper vessel at night and drink it in the morning. This is very beneficial to control high blood pressure.

Grind four basil leaves and two neem leaves with water and take on empty stomach for five to seven days to control high blood pressure.

Eat ripe papaya on empty stomach regularly in the morning and do not eat anything up to two hours after this.

Use onion and garlic in food to overcome heart disease. Using onion and garlic in proper proportion reduces cholesterol level and regulates high blood pressure level.

Diluted curd is very beneficial in case of low and high blood pressure. Patients of low blood pressure should take two grains of asafetida along with diluted curd. Drink a glassful of diluted curd one hour after meals; it acts like nectar.

Cholai vegetable and its juice is beneficial in controlling high blood pressure, like diluted curd.

Harmful Foods for High Blood Pressure:

Heavy food made with milk, butter, oily food, clarified butter, salt, brinjal, potato, half ripe banana, raw jack fruit, pulses, refined flour, sweets, jaggery, oil, dry mango powder, spices, polished rice, sugar, coffee, tea, sitting in the same position or standing for long time, running up the stairs, eating in excess and frequently are all harmful.

Suitable Foods for High Blood Pressure:

Sweet lime, apple, watermelon, myrobalan, lemon, papaya, are suitable. Green vegetables, spinach, gourd, onion, tomato, carrot, salad, carrot juice, bathua are all beneficial. Soak stale chapatti in milk and eat. Mix glucose in curd and eat. Do not drink water while eating food. Mix juice of half lemon in half cup of water and drink twice or thrice for immediate effect.