Conch grass or common green grass is the biggest gift of nature to man. The green grassy fields are very enchanting to look at. Cows graze on this grass and give us milk. Our children drink this sweet milk and become healthy.

The dewdrops lying on the green grass are a very enthralling sight. The green carpet of grass and its natural beauty gives a lot of pleasure to the eyes. People enjoy walking with bare feet on this grass. It also improves eyesight and calms down various disorders of the body. Conch grass grows throughout the year. Actually this grass is also found in blue and white colours in some places. White grass is not a different vegetation.

External Appearance:

The stem of the grass is very thin; the grass spreads very fast on all sides. The grass creeps on the ground, the root comes out from every leaf and goes into the ground. The grass moves forward and keeps on planting its root behind just like a charioteer who fixes the position of his army behind and moves ahead in the battleground. The leaves are around one to four inches long and half inch wide, soft in the beginning and smooth. The flowers are green and bluish in colour. The fruits are small like seeds.

Chemical Composition:

Conch grass contains protein, carbohydrates and fiber. It gives 11.75 percent ash on burning, which contains potassium, magnesium and sodium salts.


It is sweet, tasty, pungent, bitter in taste; it is cold in nature and overcomes vomiting, excessive thirst, kapha, pitta, burning sensation, arthritis, cough, etc. Sheep grass (a kind of conch grass) is cold, melts iron, stops motion, it is light, pungent, sweet, increases vata, overcomes leprosy, pitta and fever, thirst, kapha, and blood impurities.

Medicinal Values of Common Grass:

Headache: Grind conch grass and gram in water in equal quantity and apply on the forehead.

Epilepsy: The juice of its leaves, stem, seeds, root and bark is beneficial in case of excess menstrual flow, and epilepsy. Add white sandal powder and sugar candy in its juice to overcome bleeding.

Eye disease: In case of eye pain, grind its leaves and tie on the eyelid to give relief. It controls mucous formation in the eyes.

Nose bleeding: Mix pomegranate flower juice with conch grass juice or harad juice and take nasya to control nose bleeding caused due to tridoshas.

Nasya of conch grass juice, dry dates, sugar cane juice, cow milk, javasa root juice, onion juice, pomegranate flower juice controls nose bleeding instantly. Pouring a few drops of conch grass panchang juice is very beneficial in this case.

Mouth ulcers: Gargles with conch grass kwath to overcome mouth ulcers.

Vomiting due to pitta: Drink conch grass juice to control vomiting. Drink conch grass juice with rice malt to control vomiting caused due to pitta.

Cirrhosis: Grind conch grass with black pepper and take thrice daily before meals to cause urination and overcome cirrhosis and swelling of the body.

Dysentery: Fresh conch grass juice causes constipation therefore it is beneficial in case of loose motions and dysentery.

Loose motions: Boil conch grass with dry ginger and aniseed and drink to overcome loose motions.

Miscarriage: It is used in bleeding, miscarriage, white discharge and vaginal problems. It controls bleeding, strengthens uterus and is healthy for the womb.

Stones: Grind 30 gm conch grass grown inside a well; add sugar candy and drink twice daily to remove stones.

Urinary disorders: Kwath made with conch grass root is helpful in causing urination, therefore it is useful in case of swelling of anus, gonorrhea, burning sensation in urine. Also grind sugar candy in conch grass juice, sieve and take it to control bleeding in urine.

Grind conch grass and sieve it in milk. Drink this milk to control burning sensation in urine.

Piles: Grind its panchang and mix in curd (yogurt), grind its leaves and apply the lep on piles for relief.

Rakta pitta: Conch grass, red sandal, red lotus, blue lotus, Moolhati is beneficial in case of rakta pitta. Grind white conch grass in water and sieve it with cloth, add sugar candy and drink to control rakta pitta.

Itching and ringworm: cook oil in four times conch grass juice and apply on ringworm, itching area and wounds.

Grind conch grass with turmeric powder and apply the lep to control itching and ring worm.

Malaria: Mix linseed powder in conch grass juice and lick twice or thrice daily to bring down temperature in case of malaria.

Impotency: White conch grass reduces sexual power and causes impotency.

Common ailments of children: We find conch grass with big branches growing in wells. Grind and sieve the juice, add two to three grams Nagkesar and small cardamom seeds. Put it in the nostril of the child before sunset to solve tongue problems. It increases strength and makes the children strong.