Obesity is one of the biggest health problems of the modern age. It is the main cause for many serious, incurable and fatal diseases. Blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes and other dangerous diseases are caused due to obesity. Our body weight gradually increases when focus is not given during childhood.

Over time, this leads to obesity. It can be cured permanently with the intake of balanced food, proper life style and regular practice of yoga asanas. This will also cure the above-mentioned diseases, as well as many others. Regular practice of yoga asanas cure all types of disease. A few asanas very useful for overcoming obesity are given below.



1. Lie down straight on your back with your hands beside and below the hips. Stop the breath. Raise one leg, bending it at the knee, and then rotate it like you are riding a bicycle. Repeat this for 10 to 30 times as per your capacity. Similarly, repeat the exercise with your other leg. Rotate the legs without touching the ground. Make a circular shape with the legs.

2. When tired lie down in shavasana and rest for some time and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction, again resting when tired.

3. Inhale, and then repeat the exercise by rotating both the legs simultaneously in a circular motion, as done when you ride a bicycle. After, repeat this in the opposite direction continuously like a bicycle. 5 to 10 times according to your capacity.

Benefits of  Dwichakrikasana:

1. This is the best exercise to reduce weight. Regular practice of this asana for 5 to 10 minutes sheds out unnecessary weight, and obesity can be reduced in a very short time.

2. It gives proper shape to the stomach. It activates the intestines. It cures constipation, dysentery, acidity etc.

3. In case of backache do the exercise with single leg, it is helpful for backache as well.


1. Lie down straight on your back. Raise the right leg and make a circle by rotating the leg clockwise. In this way make 5 to 20 circles without touching the leg to the ground.

2. After rotating in one direction, rotate the leg in the opposite direction (anti-clockwise). Rest in shavasana when you become tired. Alternate between legs.

3. After doing this exercise with single legs, do it with both the legs simultaneously. Rotate the legs in as big a circle as you can. Rotate the legs clockwise and then again anti-clockwise.

Benefits of Padvritasana:

1. This asana is also for reducing extra weight.

2. It reduces the fat accumulated in the hips, thighs and waist and gives proper shape to the stomach.

Ardha Halasana


This asana is like uttanapadasana – the only difference is that in uttanapadasana the legs are raised up to 30 degrees whereas in ardha halasana the legs are raised up to 90 degrees.

1. Lie down on your back. Keep the palms of your hands towards the floor; your legs should be straight and both the feet should be together.

2. Inhale and slowly raise the legs straight up to 90 degrees and remain in this position for some time. Do not bend the knees when you raise the legs.

3. While bringing down the legs, rest the legs on the floor without jerk. Rest for a while and repeat it again at least six times.

4. Those who have backache, should raise one leg at a time.

Benefits of Ardha Halasana:

1. This asana is especially useful to reduce weight.

2. It makes the intestines flexible and healthy, increases the fire of the stomach and cures constipation, gas and obesity.

3. It is also beneficial in shifting of the navel, heart disease, stomachache and respiratory problems.

4. Raising one leg at a time is especially beneficial for backache problems.