Acidity is not a disease but the result of other diseases in the body. In other words, a person could be suffering from some other health problems and acidity could be a symptom or disorder. In this case, the acid formation in the stomach increases, which leads to sour belches, indigestion and loss of appetite.

Medicinal Cures from Ayurveda for Acidity:

  • Take half a gram of shankh bhasma and one gram of dry mango powder. Mix both with honey and lick to relieve acidity.
  • Mix green coriander, garlic, ripe tomatoes, ginger, salt and chillies. Prepare a fine paste and eat it to overcome different stomach related problems. It is very beneficial to eat after an attack of fever.
  • Take 30 gm of fresh coriander juice to increase appetite within three days.
  • Chop 50 gm onion and mix in fresh curd set with cow milk. Eat this to control acidity.
  • Grind two-grams of aniseed, one gram of dry mango powder, ten grams of sugar candy and store it in a glass jar. Take three to four times with hot water to calm down all types of indigestion.
  • Roast bitter gourd flowers or leaves in clarified butter (ghee) and prepare a powder. Take one to two grams twice or thrice daily to control acidity.
  • Take equal quantities of white cumin seeds and coriander seeds. Eat with sugar to control acidity.
  • Add a little bit of roasted cumin seeds in orange juice and add a little bit of rock salt. Drink this juice for relief.
  • Grind wood apple (bilva or bael) leaves in water and sieve. Add 20 gm sugar candy and drink to overcome acidity.
  • Mix Moolhati churna in honey and clarified butter and lick to relieve acidity.
  • Grind 30 gm dry dates and 25 gm aniseed, soak in 200 gm water overnight. Crush nicely the next morning and add 10 gm sugar candy. Drink this daily to reduce acidity.
  • Grind 100 gm tamarind (seedless), 25 gm cumin seed, and 125 gm sugar candy and prepare a powder. Store it in a glass jar. Take three grams twice daily with water to control acidity.
  • Prepare a powder with eight grams of shora and ten-grams of sal ammoniac. Take four to six grains twice daily with water to overcome pitta. It gives instant results in case of acidity; burning sensation in chest, sour belches, etc.
  • Chew lemon peels nicely and suck the juice to control acidity.
  • Mix one spoon of ginger juice with equal quantity of pomegranate juice and drink for relief.
  • Suck one clove daily after meals to control acidity and related problems.
  • Keep a small piece of jaggery and suck the juice daily after meals. It is beneficial when sour saliva is produced due to acidity. It also controls gastric problem, and prevents foul air.
  • Mix two grams of small harad churna in equal quantity of jaggery and eat it. Drink water over it. Take this medicine half an hour before meals and follow it for just three days. Acidity will get eradicated.
  • Drink one spoon of gwarpatha (aloe vera) juice daily for relief.
  • Take five grams each of drumstick root and giloy root and prepare chutney. Take it with hot water.
  • Mix two cups of spinach juice, half-cup carrot juice and two spoons kulthi juice.
  • Mix sugar in half spoon papaya milk and take this medicine.
  • Add a little bit of sugar in radish juice and drink.
  • Prepare kwath with four cloves, two pieces of harad and a spoonful of ajowan, and drink for relief.
  • Grind ten grams each of mint, cumin seeds and black pepper and prepare chutney. Add one cup of water, boil it and then drink.
  • Grind equal quantities of neem offshoots, and neem skin and take half a spoon daily in the morning on empty stomach with water.
  • Wash three grams each of creeping grass and bathua leaves and chew them.
  • Grind five grams each of dry mango powder, black salt, cinnamon, asafetida, pipal, and harad, then sieve it. Take a spoonful with lukewarm water daily after meals to control acidity.
  • If acidity arises during the night then mix a spoonful of soda bicarbonate and equal quantity of lemon juice in cold water and drink.
  • Prepare chutney with a pinch of rock salt, a small piece of ginger and a spoonful of lemon juice and eat it for relief.
  • Mix a spoonful of ajowan, a pinch of rock salt and a pinch of asafetida. Take this and drink water over it for relief.

Treatment of Acidity through Nature Cure:

  • Keep a lep of black mud on the stomach and tie a bandage over it. Apply the lep again if it gets dry.
  • Take hipbath for ten minutes daily in the morning and splash water at regular intervals.
  • Massage clarified butter (ghee) on both soles for ten minutes.
  • Keep hot water bag on the stomach, back, waist and knees.
  • Take a sauna bath in sitting position (can use a chair).
  • These remedies are very beneficial to overcome acidity.

Food and Diet Regulations for Acidity:

  • Drink cow’s milk, pomegranate juice. Eat sweet lime, aniseed, grapes, dry dates, myrobalan, fig, old rice, kheer, juicy things, round gourd, roasted gram flour, etc.
  • Consume bitter gourd, gourd, torai, wheat flour, green leafy vegetables, Harad, garlic, and honey everyday.
  • Eat fruits like papaya, guava, apple, banana, cheekoo, wood apple and myrobalan marmalade etc.
  • Stop the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, meat, fish, eggs, sweets, tobacco, stale rice, heavy food, dry mango powder, refined flour, potato, spices, fried things and snacks.
  • Do not consume clarified butter ghee, oil, curd, food that increases pitta, lentils, whole horse beans, etc. Do not get exposed to sun, and avoid constipation.
  • Stop the consumption of hot, acidic and bitter tasting food as they increase pitta.

Yogic Cure for Acidity:

Practice Uttanapadasana, Halasana, Pavanmuktasana, Kandharasana, Yogamudrasana, Matsyasana, Bhujangasana, Ekpadgreevasana, Garbhasana, etc., to overcome stomach disorders and reduce constipation and acidity. (Please see other articles for specific procedures to perform each asana.)

Pranayama for Acidity:

  • Pranayam is very useful – Kapalbhati pranayam should be practiced for five minutes everyday.
  • Anulom-Vilom and Nadi shodhan pranayam should also be practiced for ten minutes daily to overcome all stomach related problems and acidity.
  • Regular practice of Agnisar kriya is also very beneficial.
  • Uddiyan bandh keeps the stomach healthy and calms down acidity and other related problems.