Children are very sensitive and any mental block can easily translate into physical actions. They tend to experience several emotions at once, which can eventually put down their energy levels. Here are 5 safe yoga poses that will help your child avoid meltdowns and mentally relax. You could also do these poses with your kids, making it a fun pass time that they might look forward to.

1. Bee’s Breath: This pose helps slow down the breathing pattern and release tension.

Instructions: Sit on your knees, inhale with your arms stretched back and exhale as you bend forward to touch your head to the floor.


2. Cat Pose: This pose will help relieve any stress or aggression.

Instructions: Get down on all fours with back straight. Then exhale as you arch your back outward, touching your chin to your chest. Come back to the neutral position as you inhale and repeat.

3. Cloud Pose: This pose should be paired with advice about how to ‘let things go’, especially whatever is bothering us.

Instructions: Sit down, fold your legs as you inhale and stretch them out as you exhale, lifting arms over your head.

4. Tree Pose: This balancing pose can help shift focus from the mind to the body and create a stabilizing effect.

Instructions: Stand up tall, spine straight. Find your balance, raise the leg foot and rest it on the inside of your right knee. Hold for a few seconds and switch feet.

5. Child’s Pose: This pose stretches the lower back and hips, which automatically calms the central nervous system.

Instructions: Kneel in a comfortable space. Sit back making sure your butt touches your heels. Now slowly bend forward and try to touch your forehead to the floor. You can stretch your arms out or tuck them beside your hips.