The position of the body resembles a wheel or chakra at the time of performing Chakrasana, and has derived its name due to this shape. Chakrasana is beneficial in enjoying good health and overcome various diseases. Almost all the glands related to the stomach become healthy and function smoothly with the regular practice of this asana.

Benefits of Chakrasana

This asana cures all the problems related to uterus in women.

It strengthens the muscles of hands and legs.

It makes the body strong, active and bright. It is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory diseases, headache, hip pain, eye disease, spondalitis, cervical etc.

All types of spinal problems get cured with regular practice of this asana.

It activates the intestines and digestive system. It makes the spine flexible and prevents aging.

It helps in contraction and expansion of lungs and thereby circulation of vital life energy in the body.

It keeps the lungs healthy and helps in overcoming respiratory diseases.

Chakrasana is very useful for dancers, as it makes the body flexible.

It is also beneficial in maintaining sexual power, natural glow and strength.

It overcomes Parkinson’s and all problems related to back.

It strengthens the calf muscle, feet, back, spine, palms and wrist.

Method of Chakrasana:

Lie down straight on your back, keep distance between the legs, bend at knees and place them near the hips. Stretch back the hands and place the palms on the ground near the head. Breath in and raise the waist and bend the body backwards like an arc. Bring the legs closer to each other. The body will look like a chakra or wheel in this position. Remain in this position for sometime. Relax the body and come back to normal position, rest the back on the floor. Repeat it three times.

Patients of high blood pressure, heart disease and weak writs should not practice this asana. It is prohibited during pregnancy and menstrual cycle. It is a difficult asana and should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified Yoga teacher.