Cervical spondylitis is a disease of the neck bones and it is very common these days. The main symptoms are: the patient complaints of pain in the neck, head, shoulders and upper stomach, along with heaviness, giddiness on bending.

Reasons for neck pain: Our neck has sevenbones. The vertebrae are placed one above the other and there is a specific gap between these. This gap reduces due to ageing, some injury, bone related diseases, enlargement of bones or other reasons. This lays extra pressure on the tissues lying in that area and gives birth to this disease. Cervical spondylitis causes the patient to experience pain and is mainly due to working continuously for long hours in a stressed environment.

Yogic cure for neck pain: The asanas, which involve backward movements are beneficial. Practice Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana, Suptavajrasana, Gomukhasana, Ardhamatysendrasana, Ushtrasana, Matsyasana and Chakrasana for relief from neck pain.

Deep and rhythmic breathing should be practiced regularly. Nadi shodhan, Ujjayi pranayam and light exercises are very beneficial in cases of neck and waist problems.

Light exercises for the neck: Sit straight and turn the neck towards the right and touch the right shoulder. Repeat it on the left side. Bend the neck forward and touch the chest with the chin, and bend backwards. Rotate the neck in circular motion after completing the neck exercises. Keep the right palm on the right side of the head (above the ear) and press the head towards the palm. Press the head and palm against each other to cause a sort of vibration. Repeat on the left side. Do this four to five times for relief. Interlock the fingers of both hands and place it on the backside of the head. Press the head and palms against each other as mentioned above. Keep the head and neck straight while practicing this. The vibration caused due to this will be beneficial for the neck and for blood circulation in that area.

Daily routine: Do not do any asana that involves forward bending. Generally people complain of constipation due to this problem and suffer from bowel disorder.

Nature cure: Hot-cold fomentation or infrared lamp heat is beneficial in this case.

Tie a cloth around the neck for relief. Other cures include mud bandage and cleaning the stomach with enema.

Immersion bath and spinal bath are special treatments for this problem. Such patients should be kept on fruit diet for some time followed with simple, light and easily digestible food.

Change habits: The neck not only supports our head but its flexibility is also important. Many times we use the neck instead of our hands – like we do some other work with hands and hang the telephone receiver or mobile near the ear. This is a wrong habit. We tend to bend the neck forward while reading or writing. This is not the correct posture. Use a sloppy desk to avoid this posture and do not bend the neck. We should give rest to the neck in between our work.

Proper rest, fomentation and collar will be helpful in overcoming this problem in the beginning stage itself. Neck exercises should be started under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner and yoga expert. Try to find out the reasons for your neck pain and begin the yoga exercises. Also note that any type of pillow is harmful for the neck.