We are extremely happy and proud to inform all the citizens of the country with gratitude that the much-awaited Patanjali Yogpith’s first phase of work has been completed. Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj organized yoga camps for the benefit of millions of Indians for the sake of their health and spiritual peace and collected funds for this Herculean task.

The multi-faceted project based on the yoga and Ayurveda and other traditional treatment systems, Patanjali Yogpith will be completed on 4,5,6 April 2006. Swami Ji had the mission of healthy India, healthy world to be established in the whole world through distributing the Vedic knowledge on the scientific platform. At least five thousand patients will be treated everyday who are suffering with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, asthma, lucoderma, psoriasis, muscular dystrophy, multiple scoloris, cancer, liver and kidney problems.

If it is very necessary the specialists will conduct ECG, EEG, CT Scan, MRI and other pathological tests at very nominal rates for medical treatment and research. Along with the treatment of people who can afford the costs, the economically weak patients will be given special discounts for tests, medicine, treatment and stay. Around ten thousand outstation patients everyday coming to Yogpith for treatment will be given food in the Annapurna section. More than 500 patients will be able to take the benefit of yoga, Ayurveda, Pahchkarnia, Shadkarma and other facilities in the yogpith. Though yoga will be given the first priority in the treatment of the diseases in Patanjali Yogpith but if necessary the incurable diseases will be cured by experienced Ayurvedic doctors. It needs special mention that Divya Pharmacy run by the Trust manufactures ayurvedic medicines as per the GMP and GLP and other international standards along with the sage tradition for the welfare of the mankind and are provided at nominal prices. Besides the high level biochemistry, microbiology and botany tests are conducted in the laboratories to testify the quality of the medicines. The best spiritual, cultural, social and health revolution of the 21sl century will begin on the historical day of Ramnavami and take forward the war of yoga and Ayurveda alongwith the Indian sage culture. We invite you whole-heartedly to witness the event on this historical and spiritual occasion. The yoga training committees will be organized at district level for the propaganda of yoga to the last man of every house and village in an organized manner on 4 April 2006. The new devotees who are interested to serve the nation and the people with selfless attitude in the form of yoga trainers are also invited on 4 April. On 5th April the renowned saint, Acharya Mahamandleshwar and acharyas of prominent communities will be available to offer their blessings, guidance and advices.