The people of India are one of the luckiest human beings on earth. They have so many wondrous plants that they literally don’t need modern medicine. One of these plants is the Neem Tree. In India this tree is called the Miracle Tree and it is considered to be one of the most beneficial plants for the human health. It is practically an essential part of any natural treatment and it doesn’t have a single side-effect as many modern drugs do. The most common use of this tree in India is for making virgin oil, which has high medicinal properties.

The Health Wonders of the Neem Tree

Almost the entire tree can be used for medicine starting from the roots up to the leaves, flowers, branches, bark and seeds. Here are 12 common uses of the Neem Tree:

In the rural parts of India people use the Neem twigs instead of a toothbrush. However, they don’t actually brush their teeth with the twigs, but instead every morning they chew on them. This way they naturally prevent bleeding of the gums and oral infections.

The Neem tree is also used as an ingredient in natural toothpastes. It helps to prevent gum and tooth decay, fortifies them and naturally bleaches the teeth.

The Neem tree is also used as a natural germicide and pesticide. It is able to deter 500 types of insects that destroy crops and furniture, or insects such as ticks and similar. It can even protect our body from microbes because it has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.


Flowers from the Neem Tree

The oil extracted from the Neem Tree can help you reduce wrinkles. It does that by creating collagen in the skin, thus maintaining its elasticity and preventing it from aging. You’ll get a youthful look and a healthy skin. It can also help in treating skin conditions such as rashes or acne.

By activating the collagen fibers in the skin the Neem can assist in faster wound healing and the healing of damaged skin tissues. By consuming or applying the oil to the skin you can treat all sorts of infections, scratches, abrasions and sores too.

If you make a Neem paste you can use it to treat psoriasis and eczema.

Another benefit from the Neem oil is relieving joint pains and strengthening the bones. You can even use some Neem oil into your bath to relax your muscles after a busy day.

You can drink Neem tea if you are feeling stressed and nervous. It calms your mind and gives you an instant relief and invigoration.

Make a paste of the Neem leaves and apply it to your scalp if you want to prevent dandruff, premature graying or hair loss. It even helps if you have lice.

Ripened Fruit from the Neem Tree

Ripened Fruit from the Neem Tree

People suffering from low blood circulation can drink Neem tea because it promotes the creation of healthy blood cells.

The tea is highly recommended to people with diabetes because it lowers the blood sugar levels.

If you blend the seeds with warm water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach, you can prevent hemorrhoids and bleeding.


It doesn’t matter what your health problem is, you can use the Neem Tree for all sorts of ailments. Don’t wait to actually develop a problem, instead use the Neem Tree to boost your health and prevent a disorder before it has blown to a full scale.