Food helps in the development of human body. It gives life energy to the body. Therefore food is essential for the life. The human body is made up of innumerable cells, which are produced with food. Cells are mainly of two types – protozoic cells and metazoic cells.

These cells have different nature and behaviour. The metazoic mind of metazoic cell, protozoic mind of protozoic cell, our normal mind and the mind that forms with our values’; all these three minds unit together. This is the final and complete representation of human mind. This mind has some influence of our previous birth, therefore it is also known as the mind formed with values. The mind made of cells and the natural mind has a close relationship. The mind of cells is made up of food; therefore the food has direct impact on it.

Vegetarian food increases longevity; it makes the body strong, active and tolerant. People of Hunja caste belonging to northern India and Pakistan are famous in the world for enjoying long lives. A British doctor, Rove Mac Garrison has worked with the people of this caste. He has written that they live up to 115 years. Their food mainly includes grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and goat milk. They are pure vegetarians.

The scientists of Harvard University have found that the average blood pressure level in vegetarians is low when compared to non-vegetarians. During the First World War, the people of Norway were forced to eat vegetarian food in the absence of meat and their mortality rate dropped. After the world war, they started eating non-vegetarian food and the mortality rate increased. One of the doctors of this university found that vegetarian food reduces cold and allergy in comparison to non-vegetarian food.

Vegetarian food contains fiber and moisture naturally, which cleans the stomach, and is helpful in overcoming appendicitis, diabetes, colitis, colon cancer, heart disease etc.

Non-vegetarian food does not contain natural fiber and moisture, which leads to the above-mentioned diseases. The popular sportsmen who have set great records to their credit are vegetarians.

Tolstoy, Saint James, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Pope, Newton, Gandhi, Ravindranath Tagore, Aurobindo, George Bernard Shaw, Dalai Lama are some of the popular names included in the list of vegetarians. Great scientists, doctors are also of the opinion that vegetarian food is ideal for human being.

Meat contains vitamins, proteins and other nutritional substances; similarly vegetarian food is also rich in these substances. Soy contains 40 per cent protein,

which is two times more than the protein found in meat. Soy and milk are good sources of protein.

Why shouldn’t we eat meat? It is not considered to be suitable for the consumption by human beings. Human body is suitable for vegetarian food. Consumption of non-vegetarian leads to different diseases like heart disease, vata disease, cancer, kidney problem, premature death etc. all these have been found out through scientific research. Non-vegetarian food is contrary to human qualities. Non-vegetarian food is an obstacle for the society and the nation.

Lion, tiger, dog, cat and several other animals are flesh-eating animals. Their digestive system is made accordingly and is three times more than the height of their body. The reason being that flesh decays at fast speed and the blood becomes poisonous. Therefore, the food is digested quickly and thrown out of the body. Similarly, the grass eating animals like elephant, horse, ass, camel, cow have long intestines, which is ten times more than the size of their bodies. The human intestines are 12 times bigger than the body. The vegetarian food does not decay quickly.

The teeth of a flesh-eating animal are very sharp. Their claws are also very powerful. This helps them in tearing the flesh and chewing it nicely. On the other hand the grass eating animals chew the food and digest it with the help of saliva produced in the mouth. The digestion process is similar in case of human being also.

The carnivorous animal folds the tongue to drink water. Whereas herbivorous animals suck the water and the human being also drinks it in the same way.

These differences make it clear that human body is not suitable for eating non-vegetarian food. Therefore, man should prefer vegetarian food.

Non-vegetarians grow old faster. Eskimos live on fat and flesh and have an average life span of 27 years. Kirgis, people of eastern Russia eat flesh and grow old very fast and also die at very young age. They cross the age of 40 very rarely.

Non-vegetarian food has lot of dangers. Lot of bio chemical changes take place inside the body of an animal due to fear of being killed. The adrenalin hormone undergoes tremendous changes in the blood of animals1 that are brought for butchery. A large amount of his hormone remains in the blood. It intoxicates the tissues of human beings also and causes diseases. The nutrition institute of America says that biological poison is found in the flesh of the dead animal.

Poisonous insecticides are used in agricultural lands all over the world. Animals, birds eat those plants, grass and grains. It causes infertility, cancer and serious liver diseases.

The non-vegetarians have constant fear of consuming the flesh of a diseased animal. It is common to find bacteria in the flesh of the animals.

America is leading among the flesh eating countries. Every second person dies due to heart disease. because meat poses to be so dangerous for the circulatory system. It is cholesterol. The animal meat does not break up properly inside the human body and fat starts accumulating on the walls of blood veins. Constant accumulation of fat blocks the veins and obstructs the blood circulation. This dangerous stage is known as arteriosclerosis. It leads to high blood pressure and heart attack. The American heart association has advised heart patients to switch to vegetarian food. Fiber found in vegetarian food is low in cholesterol.

The human being takes five days to digest flesh and one and half days for vegetarian food. The flesh starts decaying in the meantime. But this is absent in case of vegetarian food. Tomense found in flesh destroy the intestines. Therefore human being should avoid eating meat.

The food can be divided into three effective portions

Satvic food – The food that is beneficial for the mind and body.

Rajasic food– the food that is beneficial for body but harmful for the mind.

Tamasic food – the food that is harmful for both body and mind.

It has been said that a balanced diet contains important elements of protein, carbohydrates, fat, mineral salts, water and vitamins. A normal person requires 2400 calories. Protein, carbohydrates, fat function to fulfill the wear and tear, and protect the body from heat and gives strength. Besides, alkaline producing substances like phosphorous, sulphur are helpful in digestion of the food. The remaining mineral salts, water and vitamins control the chemical process during digestion.