Yoga is not new for the society. The saints and sages had propounded it for the benefit of the mankind thousands of years back. The sick people have been using it to maintain good health and the diseased have used to cure the diseases. The follower of spiritual path have used for devotion.

The utility and effect of yoga has always been undoubted. Because life without yoga is unimaginable. The yoga institutions, scholars, spiritual scientist and medical practitioners at a very high level have researched every aspect of yoga. This research is an ongoing process. The scientists are evaluating yoga at the scientific level.

Today yoga has reached every household and also inspiring people to practice it. The main factor behind it is the desire to be healthy. A successful life requires the health of the mind and body. Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj is a scholar of grammar, Ayurveda and other Vedic texts. He has also taught texts of Ashtanga philosophy in Gurukul. He was traveling in the Himalayas and spent several years in the caves of this holy mountains for attaining theological knowledge and spiritual powers.

In 1995 on the sacred day of Ramnavami, he took diksha from the ashram of Shri Shankar Dev Maharaj Ji and became an ascetic. After’ taking the diksha a satsang program was organized by Saint Raghuvar Singh. All the saints and seers present on the occasion blessed Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj. The first letter of Ramdev ‘R’ signifies the brightness of the fire. He has carried forward his journey of yoga with exuberant talents, patriotic feeling and resolution. Every month yoga devotion and yoga science camps are organized which is helpful for the lakhs of people. They get health and spiritual energy through these camps.

Therefore Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj has become the synonym for yoga. He never gave lectures on the subjects, neither told something new, he has taught which is simple, easy and which can be practiced by the people of all age groups. He never tried to put his label on yoga. He first gave the gift of yoga to his native place. He kept himself aloof from foreign label, wealth and fame. He kept above the principles of yoga. This devotion will reach every corner of the world and fill the atmosphere with yoga. Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj is recognized not due to his foreign labels, or due to some medals, he is known for his devotion and the true feelings represented in his efforts.

He is incomparable and there are no adjectives to describe him. Ramdev is best known as Ramdev.

Today Ramdev has become the synonym for yoga because he is the carrier of yoga and acted in that way only. He has carried forward the yoga traditions, through sacrifice, dedication, sympathy, belief in all the religions and equality. He is a carrier who did not just tell what he learnt from the books but taught them and shared the knowledge with everybody. He has deep respect towards the motherland and is always ready to help the mankind. He is associated with the ground realities and become the synonym for yoga. He developed an interest in the hearts of the people towards yoga. Fast life style, tough competition, tension, dissatisfaction are the reasons for increasing diseases. Yoga is the best medium to get rid of diseases and lead a disease free life. People knew about it and understood it but did not practice it. He practices it when it becomes a compulsion or the inspiration of God. Whatever is done as a compulsion then it does not give results because it does not done from heart. It lacks the combination of yoga and mind. Anything, which is done wholeheartedly, gives good results.

Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj is the form of divine inspiration. The reason is that his thinking, actions are all divine, pure and transparent.

Hence the results are also beautiful. Looking from a broader perspective Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj is doing the work of all those who are associated in the field of yoga, he wants to make the world healthy, calm and beautiful through this medium. Whatever research have been done, in this direction have got momentum with the mass awareness brought in by Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj.

Yoga is a divine knowledge, it is unlimited. Yoga healing is one of its forms. Today’s society requires it become disease free and healthy. Enjoyment without yoga is not possible. This is the time when we all need to understand this point, salvation is not possible without performing your actions.

The divine inspiration is in front of us in the form of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj. Let us understand that life and its activities are not possible without yoga. Arouse the dormant yogic feeling within you. Truth is missing from our lives. Today fulfilling the selfish interests has become the major objective in the lives. Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj became the medium for sacrifice, truth, and welfare of the mankind.

We all bow down to him for the Herculean task he has undertaken for the welfare of the mankind. Because Ramdev is not just a body it is a divine inspiration. An eternal thing never dies it spreads in the atmosphere, in every particle and becomes a divine energy.