When we read the ancient vedic texts like puranas etc, we come across human beings with supernatural abilities, exuding phenomenal strength. We hear of women with amazing beauty and radiance, which used to even attract gods. When we compare these beings with today’s people, they seem like unbelievable stories and myths. Hence, the term mythology…

I really don’t blame the people for calling all this mythology, as it is not possible for a normal mind that exists in the present day and age to believe such facts to be true. If we logically think and observe our grandfathers, we would notice that their bodies were stronger and much healthier than ours. Our grandmothers had beautiful skins even till the late years, that too without recourse to artificial aids and beauty treatments. Modern science now tells us that the human brain and bodies have shrunk over time.

So if we just project ourselves backwards, we would observe that the mythologies were realities and if we project ourselves forward the image that will come would be scary.


What is the reason? Being a student of yoga, having studied for nearly two decades, I am convinced that the answer lies here.

From satyug to the present day kaliyug we have progressively moved away from reality towards unreality and from light towards darkness. Let us take the help of Patanjali Ashtang Yoga to understand the process.

Ashtang Yoga was conceived 5000 years back – the time when, according to modern historians, the world was primitive and men lived in caves as hunters and food gatherers, men who had descended from apes. At that time Patanjali gave us the eight limbs of yoga as yama, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahaar, dharna, dhyan and samadhi.

Without going into the details, let us just look at the five yamas. 5000 years back, when the world was supposedly inhabited by barbarians, Patanjali understood the power of truthfulness and non-violence and the hazards of stealth, hoarding and excessive sexual indulgence. And mind you, this is only one-eighth of Ashtang yoga…Obviously, the secret to health, beauty and glow lies herein.

Patanjali emphasizes upon truthfulness or satya as the first yama. The one who speaks the truth under all circumstances has nothing to fear. It is fear that breeds negative emotions like anger, jealousy, insecurity, etc. In the absence of fear, there is no negative emotion. The body is perpetually in positive prana and the food is digested properly. This translates as a glowing complexion and radiant skin for the one who follows the yama of satya. In fact, the first siddhi of yoga, vak shakti (that is, whatever you speak manifests) comes with speaking the truth.

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