To much weight and skin condition problem can be such unpleasant especially if you are a young woman. Sometimes overweight means some serious health issues not overeating.

This young woman realized that her medical conditions are responsible for gaining weight and acne. Luckily she was able to change her life and improve the health by changing the diet.


Kirsty Huntley is a 32-year-old woman with four children who had recently been having some issues. Her skin was constantly breaking out, and she had gained a couple of pounds that she simply could not get rid of, no matter how much she dieted.

The acne did not just affect Kirsty’s face; it was all over her arms, legs, and back. This was a huge blow to her self-confidence and her career. She was a makeup artist, and so she worried that no one would trust her makeup skills if she had bad skin.

It turned out that the acne was actually a symptom of an incredibly rare medical issue, Behçet’s disease. Behçet’s disease is a condition that occurs when blood vessels get inflamed, and the body’s immune system accidentally begins to attack healthy cells. Kirsty tried many different treatments, but nothing could alleviate the symptoms of her condition.

She decided to make tests and find out that she has some food allergies which affect her health. She was intolerant to gluten, yeast, wheat, coffee and eggs. Kirsty decided to experiment with switching her diet up to see if it could help to calm down her Behçet’s disease.

She began cutting out all of the food types that triggered her allergies. Within just three months, all of Kirsty’s acne disappeared. In addition to curing some of her symptoms, she also managed to lose weight without any extra effort.

You are stressing your digestive and immune system when you intake food that you are allergic or intolerant to them. Small amounts of intolerant food can not cause really a problem, but when is taken in larger amounts the digestive system can not work properly, these lead the body to become stressful and to treat the food like toxin.

When the immune system is triggered, an outbreak of Behçet’s can occur. By avoiding foods that she was intolerant too, Kirsty was able to cut down on her likelihood of having a Behçet’s outbreak.

Many people are intolerant to some foods and cutting out from your eating regimen can have a positive benefit for the health in general.