Baba Ramdev addressed the audience in the Bareily yog camp and said that Pyorrhea is a serious disease, which completely destroys the teeth. In other words, the patient loses almost all his teeth. The patient of this disease suffers a lot, his gums become very weak, the roots of the teeth get fully infected and the teeth become weak.

The teeth begin to fall and the infection in the gums persists. The pus accumulated in the gums enter the stomach through food and affects the stomach.¬†Pyorrhea is made up of two words, ‘pyo’ and ‘rrhoea’, which mean pus and secretion respectively. It is necessary to understand the structure of our teeth before understanding the causes and cure of this disease.

Structure of the teeth:

Every adult has 32 teeth in all -16 each on the lower and upper jaw. The first four teeth in each jaw are used for cutting and are known as incisors’. One tooth on either side of incisor is known as canine. There are two grinding teeth on either side of canine, which are called premolar. There are three molars on either side of premolar. We chew and grind the food with the help of these teeth. In the absence of these teeth our food is not digested properly and the intestine have to spend extra energy to digest the food. The exposed part of the teeth iscalled the crown,The part, which is embedded in the jaws is called the root.

The teeth are created with a substance called Dentine, which is the main section of the tooth and covered with a solid substance called enamel. The teeth are hollow and yellow from within and contain a sort of pulp. This pulp is connected to a sensitive nerve. The internal part of the tooth contains blood vessels and nerve endings, which provide nutrition to the teeth and make them strong.

Causes of the disease:

The main causes of Pyorrhea are dirty teeth, irregular eating habits and other such reasons.

Brush the teeth properly :

The food particles get stuck in the cavities of the teeth. The particles start decaying and form a yellow layer on the teeth , The pus gets accumulated in the teeth and cause odour. Such teeth are the storehouse for germs. The teeth be- come hollow and fall down. Therefore it is necessary to brush the teeth properly in the morning after waking up and in the night before going to bed. Healthy teeth are the foundation for a healthy life.

Irregular eating habits :

Irregular eating habits have an adverse effect on the health of the teeth. For instance, some people have the habit of drinking milk before going to bed but it is important to wash your mouth. This protects the teeth from germs. Do not eat sweets or sugar and go off to sleep. Wash your mouth in case you have taken a sweet or any other dessert. This protects the life of the teeth and makes them healthy.

Imbalanced food is another main cause of dental problem. Deficiency of Vitamin C and D makes the teeth hollow and weak. The dentine and enamel are also washed out, which play an important role in maintaining the health of the teeth.

Consumption of tobacco is another major cause for unhealthy teeth. Smokers and tobacco addicts develop a yellow layer on their teeth, which is called tartar. Tartar weakens the enamel, which is the main cause for unhealthy teeth.

Hot-cold water :

Very hot and very cold water should be avoided. Consuming ice cold water after eating hot food develops cracks in the enamel and dentine coatings. This gives birth to germ’s and bacteria. Water plays an important role in Pyorrhea. Water should contain fluoride in little quantity but excess fluoride makes the teeth hollow and they fall off easily.

Constipation also makes the teeth unhealthy. Unhealthy teeth lead to stomach upset and an upset stomach makes the teeth unhealthy.


1. Brush the teeth regularly twice a day.

2. Brush your teeth before going to bed in the night with the help of a toothbrush or finger. Brushing the teeth with finger, massages the gums as well.

3. Use good toothpaste to brush the teeth.

4. Do not brush the teeth in an incorrect way, which can harm the gums.


1. Make a powder of clove and salt and brush the teeth with the help of a finger. This will make the teeth strong and healthy.

2. Take white catechu (katha) and roast it on a pan. Brush the teeth with this powder twice a day using the finger and wash your mouth. This will cure the swelling of the stomach and the teeth do not fall.

3. Take the skin of Paipal (peepal) tree and make a powder. Massage the gums and teeth with this powder, this will prevent the fall of teeth and relieve the pain.

4. Burn amla (mylobaran) and add a pinch of rock salt. Massage the teeth with this and rapeseed oil. This is beneficial to cure Pyorrhea disease.

5. Consume neem leaves, black pepper, rock salt everyday. This purifies the blood and stops the pus formation in the gums and roots.

6. Roast the alum on the pan and make a fine powder. Add equal quantity of baking soda. This powder contains all the good qualities. Massage the gums with this powder before going to bed. This cures the disease and strengthens the gums and teeth.