Ginseng is a popular herb having a Chinese origin. It possesses many health benefits. This herb is highly effective in treating many diseases and health problems. The ginseng plant was discovered in the northern China mountainous regions over 5000 years ago. Initially it was used only for culinary purposes, but later its therapeutic properties were identified.

The medicinal purposes of this herb are known to have been in use for 3000 years. Chinese medical texts believe that ginseng rejuvenates the soul and body. It is beneficial for curing many disorders and diseases. The medicinal properties of ginseng were considered strong as the root shape resembled the human body, and there was some mystical link between the two. This herb is especially known for increasing longevity.


Ginseng is known as ‘renshen’ in Chinese which means “man root”. The plants leaves are considered less effective than its roots. Nowadays ginseng is used in many energy drinks as a main ingredient. It is also used in some cosmetics, and is very popular as Ginseng tea.

Ginseng is a slow-growing plant belonging to the family Araliaceae. It features compound leaves and single stalk. The flowers bear seeds like crimson berries. These are wild plants growing to a height of seven to twenty one inches. The roots are most sought after and are found in areas such as northern china, eastern Siberia and Korea, cooler climates. The active components found in original ginseng are ginsenosides and these are responsible for several health benefits.


Health Benefits of Ginseng

  • Ginseng roots are available in a dried form. You can buy as slices or in whole. This herb is sold in the tea bags form and is an active ingredient extensively found in herbal supplements and cosmetics.
  • Ginseng was widely used from the ancient times by the Chinese people for brightening eyes, for virility and strength and to treat several other medical conditions. This created an increasing demand and resulted in commercial cultivation.
  • Ginseng is extensively used in curing diabetes, particularly type II diabetes.
  • It is recommended as stimulant and as an aphrodisiac. It is believed to cure sexual dysfunction in men, besides enhancing libido.
  • Ginseng is beneficial to lower high cholesterol levels.
  • It is effective in restricting the major aging effects. It is popular as anti-aging supplement.
  • It is ideal for cancer treatment. This herb reduces fatigue in patients suffering from cancer.
  • Ginseng health benefits also include its ability to fight cough, cold, flu and other infections. It relieves rheumatism, stress, gout, anemia, neuralgia, insomnia, and headache.
  • Ginseng helps in improving stamina and in enhancing memory. Ginseng is also employed to regularize the menstrual cycles.
  • It is a stimulant that promotes the chemicals production and fights viruses, thereby keeps the immune system safe.
  • It protects liver from drugs negative effects and prevents blood clot formation in the body.
  • It promotes overall health as a herb. However, consuming as per the doses recommended is mandatory to get the appropriate benefit.

Here are the plant’s top health benefits:

1) The intake of ginseng improves blood sugar. It controls in after meal and fasting blood sugar levels by creating sugar-lowering effects. This effect was apparent even in average blood sugar levels for a three-month period.

2) Ginseng berry extract is considered to be effective to combat obesity and is actually very helpful to fight with weight control as well. In fact, Ginseng tea works as a normal hunger suppressant.


3) Ginseng is regarded to be a good tonic benefiting the stamina and assists in boosting energy levels. It helps athletes use oxygen effectively and is accepted widely to regulate metabolism, thereby it increases the energy levels. Ginseng consumption also helps athletes reduce the recovery time and stress. Ginseng tea acts as a stimulant especially for the brain cells and thus assists in improving not only the concentration, but also the thinking ability.

4) Consuming ginseng tea assists men in reducing the sex related symptoms such as erectile dysfunction. It is strongly believed that the Korean Red Ginseng helps in stimulating the male sexual function. Conversely, discuss this with your doctor, prior to taking ginseng, so that it does not interact with other drugs resulting in allergic reactions. Ginseng acts as a strong aphrodisiac and is firmly believed to help men having problems with erectile dysfunction.

5) Young women suffering from distress and menstrual cramps are recommended to take American Ginseng Tea. This is because it is considered and found to reduce stomach ache that occurs in association with menstruation. In fact, the menstrual pain cramps is also reduced to a very great extent.


6) Ginseng absolutely reduces the stress levels acting as a stimulant. It regulates metabolism and thus the energy levels are increased. It reduces the aging signs and is an opulent source of antioxidants.

Precaution: Like all other health supplements, it must be taken under medical supervision as it may result in headaches, allergy, gastrointestinal, mood disorders and sleep problems. Especially, breastfeeding or pregnant women and those under medications should completely avoid taking ginseng.

Ginseng is believed to have no side effects, yet there may be dry mouth, mood swings, headache or fatigue. Following the prescribed doses ensures you are safe. Also approaching an herbal qualified practitioner helps in such treatments.

The medicinal uses of this herb Ginseng is supported with scientific evidence, yet some are not proved. This herb is effective to improve and cure diabetes, male impotence and many other diseases. However, the fact cannot be denied that enough evidence is lacking to prove its efficiency in treating cancer, cold, depression, menopausal hot flashes or fever. There are many ginseng users who are sure to vouch for the efficiency of this ancient herb. However, you can seek the doctor’s opinion prior to using the herb.