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Hi, If you want to buy anything from amazon remember that you can give to TPA-UK at the same time by using this link. We are needing all the money we

can get at the moment and the 5% from ANY sales made through Amazon makes such

a wonderful difference, so if ever you need to buy anything from Amazon, please

do so through TPA-UK http://www.tpa-uk.org.uk/books.php > thyroid treatment > From: daisypops@...> Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 09:47:13 +0000> Subject: Re: MOUTH PROBLEMS> > > --Hi Carol,> > if you look at 'Hypothyroidism Type 2' by Dr. Mark Starr M.D. on page> 118 he writes on the connection between hypothyroidism and dental> problems and states that many of his patients with symptoms of> hypothyroidism had chronic dentition problems.> > It is a fantastically informative book to read. You can get it easily> on Amazon Co. Uk.> > I, too, have had unexplained cavities and gum problems and I do resist> local anaesthetic (truly, not due to terror!). So I have sedation now> :), fall asleep and wake up ravenous!> > Anyway, there is a connection to answer your question.> > hope this helps,> L> > > > > > > ------------------------------------> > TPA is not medically qualified. Consult with a qualified medical practitioner before changing medication.> >

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