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Sol, the only thing i have to go on here is what my body is telling me, and the

track record of success my friend going for the ph.d in naturopathy, and her

colleagues, tell me. that only those 4 though they have high carbs, have low or

no sugar, making them " safe " --that they are more like seeds than grains. when i

eat them i feel fine, when i have experimented and cheated and eaten even some

of other grains, then i feel like garbage. i also know for certain that my

candida had gone systemic, that is, leaky gut. if with such a severe prob as i

have had, can tolerate well those 4 " grains " then that at the least is a good

sign. btw a lot of the info my friend above-mentioned has gotten was/is from the

body ecology diet..



(p louise everett

> quinoa, millet, amaranth or buckwheat *only* (like pastas, cereals,

crackers, flatbreads) or the *germs* of those 4 " safe for candida "

" grains " (they are more like seeds, why they are safe for us), would

you please and thanks ever so much, let me know!!!



I was not aware there were ANY " candida safe " grains? I believe


grains are safe for celiacs because they don't have gluten. But safe for

candida? Can you point me to more info? I have read that millet is a

goitrogen, so anyone iwth thyroid problems might prefer to avoid it.



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