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Re: GOL=garden of life, makers of primal defense

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From: Duncan Crow <duncancrow@...>

Subject: bacillus lichenformis, was Re: Re: alkaline + probiotic

vs antibio


Date: Monday, December 29, 2008, 8:21 PM

I'd have to agree with Sol; the company previously presented a moving

target on the b. licheniformis issue, now this. Have the Rife

heavyweights responded to this labeling change? Any muscle-testing or

Vega testing anyone know of?


> > , Primal Defense containd bacillus licheniformis, which is

> > associated with cancer. It's kind of creepy that people will use

it at

> > all.

> >

> >

> FWIW, the primal defense label has been changed, it no longer lists

> " bacillus lichenformis " but " bacillus subtilus " . GOL

insists that


> two are not the same organism, but googling shows that opinion on th


> differs. From my reading I tend to go with the scientists who say


> are two names for the exact same organism. To my mind this is


> instance of GOL simply lying.

> sol



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