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coconut oil

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I started with a tsp and let it melt and coat my mouth for as long as I could

keep it there... I now use a tbsp and do the same. It should be done at least

once a day but sometimes I do more often, play around with it and see what works

for you. I have a very strong constitution so it doesn't take me long to adapt

to something and I've been practicing natural health methods since my early

30's, I'm now 55.

I've tried different coconut oils and the best tasting I've found for eating

right from the jar is found on Dr. Mercola's site, it is " Fresh Shores " . I use

other brands for cooking like Spectrum (organic) Whatever brand you find check

to make sure it is cold pressed and centrifuge extracted.

I also use coconut milk to coat my mouth too, very good stuff and very effective

on yeast over-growth. It is the .

Caprylic acid kills fungus on contact. Caprylic acid is in coconut oil.



Re: new to group, but not to candida..need more

understanding ...

What is the brand of coconut oil? How do you take it? How much?

How often? For how long a period of time?

Thanks so much!


> I use coconut oil for my mouth when I get an over-growth. I'm

certified for biological testing of ionization and when I have a high

saliva pH the Candida is out of control. Coconut oil has been great

to get the Candida back under control, as well as cutting back on

sugars and starches for a while and increase my water intake. I've

used colloidal silver in the past too.



> Bonnie

> www.managemyownhealth.com

> www.jennylakeresort.com



> ----- Original Message -----

> From: louise_everet93




> . so, can anyone confirm my " lay " knowledge

> please and thanks; and if there is a way to rid the body of candida

> now that it has obviously gone fungal, I would love to know it! yes I

> know olive leaf, garlic and I think grapefruit seed extract are also

> supposed to help. and hey, i don't do fruit anymore, or even high


> veges like pumpkin.. so, comments? thanks *ever* so much!!! glad you

> are out there, too!!!!!



> .




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