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Hey, Debby,

So glad you got through the surgery intact! We knew you would!

Call your surgeon's office to find out when you can wash your hair.

Every dr has their preference. If you can hold a towel over the incision to

keep it dry, maybe someone can help you wash it if Dr says not to for a week.

Clean hair always makes you feel better.

I am going to suggest that you use peroxide and bactricin (over the

counter) (NOT neosporin) for your incision while it heals. My surgeon


that somehow neosporin can cause problems just after surgery, unlike when

you use it for everyday cuts and scratches. So just use a cotton ball and

peroxide to clean it, then a thin layer of the bactricin with your clean finger

or a q-tip. Hope this helps! Call your dr, of course, if you feel the least

bit " off " .

:o) Jackie

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thanks. My blood sugar is fine now. It's when I start throwing up that I

get into problems. It's really harder on my family when I'm in the hospital

than it is on me. At least when I'm in the hospital I'm getting IV fluids

and medicine for the pain and nausea.

My GI/Hep increased my imuran from 100 mg a day to 150 mg a day so maybe

that will help my liver function a little better.

take care,


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Your answers (re: lightedheadedness/empty feeling/cravings etc.) to Gail's

post are so good.

I find myself getting lightheaded and feeling weak and sort of hungry often

lately. First thing I check is blood sugar but with only a couple

exceptions it has been right around 100, which is very good. Then I check

blood pressure, which is always good as well (around 120/70 or slightly

less). So I have figured out it is most likely die-off.

I have discovered over the past (almost) 7 months that die-off triggers

hunger for me. I tend to rationalize the resulting feelings as the Candida

being mad about dying off and trying to get me to eat something to keep it

alive. :-) I reality I know that the toxins from die-off are causing all

the discomfort.

I can't speak to Gail's weightloss because, as you already know, that is a

bonus for me. I am on a major losing streak again (Yea me...as I have so

much to still lose). I just bought a new outfit one size smaller than

anything else I own!!

That more than makes up for any discomfort or the really bad days when I am

retracing an old illness, etc. Actually I am now having more good days than



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Debby, I'm so pleased to hear of all that you're doing. Leaving paid work

sounds like a really good idea. You're not " retired " -- you're just changing


I'm really impressed with your activities.

Let me know if you want to try to meet in San Francisco in October. When I'm

there, I live just two blocks from where most of the marathons pass, in the

Marina. I realize you'll be busy with family, but you might have a bit of time

free, and I might be in the City. I usually am in the country except when I'm

due for a check-up or lab test.

It sounds as if you have much more good news than otherwise, all things



[ ] It's been a long time

I have been keeping up with the messages, but have been so busy I don't have

much time to write, but this time, I need to see if anyone has had a similar

problem like I have been going through.

In November/December, my liver counts started climbing. By January and

February, they were high enough that I had to have a biopsy. It was not a good

result, so I was put on 40 mg prednisone....(yeah). Well, it started working,

but then, in August, they started rising, and I ended up " having the pleasure "

of having another bx in early Sept. Well, that one came out good, so something

is working.

Now, my problem is this.....I have a muscle that just ripped away from my

shoulder,....guess it is called rotator cuff problem. It ripped off

approximately 6 months ago....just about the time I started the prednisone.

So, has anyone had the problem of muscles tearing away from the bones after

beginning the prednisone

Thanks for any input.....and Harper....good to see you up and going again!


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