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Colloidal Silver Neti Pot

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I have been dealing with Lyme for about 2 years now. The last

remaining symptom I can't seem to overcome is the brain fogginess.

Recently, my naturopath sugggested using Colloidal Silver in a Neti Pot

for a sinus infection. When I did it I had a distinct sensation of it

moving up the spinal column at the back of my neck and into my head.

At first it was almost painful, like getting the " brain freeze " when

you eat something cold (although this had nothing to do with anything

being cold). It seems to have mellowed out the more I do it, and it

definitely makes my brain " clearer " . I just have no idea how often you

can do something like this safely, or if it is more effective with

additional treatment, or even if my ratio I'm using is the most

effective (1/2 tsp with 1/2 a neti pot). So I was wondering if anyone

has ever read anything about using Colloidal Silver in a Neti Pot to

treat Lyme in the brain, or has any experience/thoughts?

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