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Hi all, i would like to hear from anyone in this list whos kids have

the adhd diagnosis as well as As. My soon to be 6 year old ds Adam was

diagnosed right before xmas. We always suspected he had adhd but never

knew for sure. He was diagnosed with Aspergers and spd when he was 4

and a half. We were advised that Adam be started on medication as soon

as possible as he has been having problems at school. We decided to

medicate him but i must stress it was not an easy decision to make but

thats what my hubby and I decided to do as we want the very best for

him. He stared on 5mg of Ritilan and now he is taking the max dose for

his weight of 20mg, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We

have seen some progress and we are lookiing forward to geting him back

to school to see if his teachers can see much of a change in him. He is

now due to start on concerta XL now which is the slow relese tablet

form of ritilin but it can not be taken out of the capsule or mixed

into drinks or food as it needs to be swallowed whole and not chewed. I

would just like to hear from anyone with any advise on geting him to

take the pill and if anyone out there found the Concerta better than

ritilin or vise versa! Thanks so much for reading this!


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