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Can colostrum cause die-off symptoms? Transfer factor?

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Hello there. My son's DAN! doc has him started on colostrum gold because his

immune system is overburdened and not functioning well at all. To make things

worse, he has serious overgrowths of clostridia, candida, and he has strep in

his GI (probably elsewhere too...he just had an ear infection).

If I did not have this group to ask, I would be functioning under the

assumption that since he has been unable to fight the gut bugs, dormant viruses

(his herpes immunity is 16 times too high. Measles is 4 times too high and

rubella immunity is 9 times too high) and heavy metals in his body - he would

begin to fight some of those things when his body is supplemented with an immune

booster. Therefore, maybe they would begin to die off as we increase the amount

of colostrum given. (?)

About an hour after he receives his increased amount of colostrum (from 1/8

tsp. to 3/16 tsp.) he gets really sensitive, whimpery and uncomfortable. He

usually has a rotten stool or several sometime later that afternoon. We have

seen sludgy stools of avrying color and consistency, some with very dark stuff

that looks like skins of something (he had not eaten anything with skin).

Basically, they keep on varying which feels like that means he is purging

different bad stuff out. Odor varies too.

So, what do you think is going on? Die off? Should I give some activated

charcoal when he is uncomfortable?

We will soon be up to the full dose. When that happens, I plan to begin

transfer factor. I will begin by splitting his transfer factor capsule into 16

tiny doses. Then we will add one at a time as slow as he requires. Do you think

we will get even more intense reactions or die off than we are getting with

colostrum gold?

Thanks so much for any thoughts or stories of experience!


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