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Guest Evan

Surya and Chandra Bhedana on the Same Day

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Guest Evan

Hello All!

As a vata type, I plan to start doing Surya Bhedana in my morning pranayama practice.  It seems that this form of pranayama (which through right nostril inhalation activates the pingala nadi), would be ideal for starting the day by lending active heating energy to the body.  Ruminating on this fact, I thought to myself, wouldn't Chandra Bhedana therefore be a great pranayama to do before bed?  However, I see in some places that it is not recommended to do both on the same day.  Intuitively I feel that my idea is a good one, and I presume they just don't intend for people to do them both in the same sitting or within some hours of one another.  But doing one first thing in the morning and the other last thing at night seems as if it would be very beneficial.  I hope someone out there has more definitive experience on this topic and may be of some help.  Thank you!



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