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Max and Zelnorm

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Thank you for asking about Max. He is feeling better. Part of it is that he

emailed Dr. H.

about his discomfort and she confirmed what I had told him: The Zelnorm is

making his

stomach and intestines contract to move the food through more quickly. He has a

lot of

scar tissue from his previous surgeries, so his stomach does not float freely as

ours does.

The scar tissue holds it down in certain places. This makes him feel the

contractions more

than you or I would. Even though I told him the same, he was relieved to hear

from Dr. H.

I understand. Besides, he needs to take a more active role in his care, so I'm

gald he

emailed her. Now if she would only respond to MY emails that quickly - or at


For the next couple of days, Max will stop the Zelnorm to see if it makes a

difference. I

think that once he sees that there indeed is a correlation between his " pulling "

and taking

the med, he will feel better about it. He worries so much! I really can't

blame him,


Time to get back to work in 5 minutes.

Jodi Z

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