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Twin Separation - vent

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Hi all,

A quick update and then my problem... (RSS) and (non

RSS) are turning 6 soon. This will probably be the last year I can

convince them to have a joint birthday party. As it is, the party

has 2 separate themes. Becca is totally into Harry Potter (and just

to brag a little, has already read the first 3 books and is still in

kindergarten) while is into firetrucks. The children are both

doing well in school. Becca still receives PT, OT and counseling.

She continues to take prozac for her anxieties, and is doing really

well. Now if only I could get her to go to sleep a little earlier,

it would be great lol.

receives PT, OT, ST and is in what they call the LEAP

program. Basically, he is in a mainstream class with 2 45 minute

pull-outs per day into a self-contained special ed room.

along with 2 other boys from his class, then proceed to do the exact

same work that is being done in the regular classroom, just with

more one-on-one attention. was also placed in a social skills

group once a week. He is currently on periactin, zantac, prilosec,

miralax, gh and has a gtube. He is also on risperdal for his ocd.

Now for my problem... acts much younger than his chronological

age. He whines and cries over everything!! Up until now, he has

been in year round special needs school programs. However, that is

no longer true. I was looking into day camp for the summer (we both

work full time and have a part-time nanny) but am having problems

finding a camp that will accept him. I really hate the idea of

separating the kids into two camps, but I don't know what else to

do. The twins are in a sunday school type program at the local JCC

which also runs day camp programs. There is one program run out of

the JCC for kids entering kindgergarten and another for kids

entering 1st grade and up 1/2 hour away. The JCC said they will

take into the kindergarten program even though he is older if

I tell them in time (they want to hire an extra CIT for the summer

to one-on-one with ) but that would be totally inappropriate

for Becca. I think she would really thrive at the bigger camp (it

runs from 9 am to 4:30 pm - I think even she would sleep at night


I went home and cried when the camp director of the bigger camp told

me that there was no way they could accomodate . And I know he

is right, just needs too much attention and can't take care of

himself the way other kids can, but it still really hurts!!!!

The children are in separate classes at school, but their classrooms

are adjoining. I don't know how they will handle being apart all


Any other multiple parents out there with similar issues?

Also, I haven't even told Steve about any of this. He is miserable

at work and debating quiting his job (without having another one

lined up). We can live on my salary and bonus for a little while,

but I don't want to stress him out any more than necessary since I

would prefer that he keep getting paid while we make a better effort

to find him another job.


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