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Re: Newswoman TO MAGGIE

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i live one hour south of the capitol district in Hillsdale--hear Hudson. My 7

year old has RSS. not only would i like ot meet, but i would be interested in

the benita zahn thing--i have friends at the affiliate also.

Kim C

Maggie Sievert wrote:

I can't say for sure but I don't think she is,Ken. I just hope Bonita is

interested enough to do a story!

Liam R Update..

> >

> >

> > Well Liam had his Endo appointment on Wednesday. I did

not post

> sooner, because I did not want my post to get lost in the


> >

> > Liam is 3 feet 4.5 inches tall (that is 40.5 inches). He was


> pounds (wearing Jeans and having just ate). At home, naked

as ajay

> bird, first thing in the morning he is 36 lbs...

> >

> > He went up alittle on his cruve, but is still about 5%, that is

> with Growth Hormones....He is between 8 and 10% for

weight....He is

> eating alittle better with the GH....His GH was not raised since


> just started back on it in December, but will most likely be


> next time which is May 24.

> >

> > His Thyriod was great, so his synthroid dose is the same...

> >

> > So all in all a good visit.....

> >

> > R

> > Mom to Jed (12) Asthma, tics, CAPD

> > Liam (5) Asthma, Epilepsy, Hearing impaired,

> > SGA, Food Allergies.

> > Orlando Fl

> >

> >

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