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test results

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All of Brocktons test results came back normal for GH and

Chromozomes. I'm not exactly sure what that means. I guess we're

right back where we started from. It was kind of pointless to put him

through the blood draw. Now it's just a matter of GI and figuring out

where he stands with that. UGH. It just seems like a never ending

sea of doctors and appts. and confussion!

So far Mike has been able to avoid a lay off. I, on the other hand,

am no longer watching the little girls I was caring for. Their mother

injured her back and was told that she needed to quit her job. The

money I got watching them seemed so piddly until now! Haha! At least

it helped with gas for our vehicles once a week! I am a very cheap

childcare provider. I only charged her $3.00 an hour and I fed them

breakfast and lunch! Believe me..........if I take in any more kids,

I won't be that cheap again!

Right now I could just STRANGLE Mike. He brought me home a speeding

ticket this morning. 45 in a 30. Nice. He's not one to stir the pot

and thought we'd just send it in and that would be that. I reminded

him of what he said when got her speeding ticket...... " She

needs to face the music. " So.....he'll be going to court and asking

to have the charge reduced so our insurance doesn't go up and

hopefully he'll get a smaller fine. And I wonder why my hair is

falling out!!! GEEZE!

I am so glad that some of you have GOOD NEWS to share! I don't know

if I missed something but how are Ian and doing?

Thanks again for letting me vent! I don't know what I'd do without

this listserve! LOL

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