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a very moving story about Madison

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In order for you to understand this story I will give you a brief idea on

what lead up to yesterdays coversation with Maddy.

When Madison was 2 1/2 she was in the hospital with pnemonia and my

grandfather died. She was always scared of him because he was paralyzed and in a


bed at home. But at the end she finally had grown attached thanks to her

cousin ( they are only aa month apart in age) because was so

attached to our grandfather. So Madison carries in her pump bag a mass card with

her greatgrandfather's picture on it. She hold it in the hospital becasue she

swears he's what makes her better. Whenever it rains she says " uh oh poppie

is bowling again " . Well more recently Lou and I find her talking to herself

and playin pretend with noone when we ask her she says " she's playin or talkin

to big poppie " . Yesterday............

Lou and I were sitting on the couch watching t.v and it begane to snow. Lou

told Maddy that when the snow starts to land he would take her sledding. So

she kept watch at the window all night. The she finally came into the room and

said " mommy, daddy can big poppie here me when i talk to him " ? So I said yes

he does and you can even talk to him when you say your wishes ( thats what

she calls saying her prayers). I asked her why? And she said " because I asked

poppie to make it morning so we can go sledding. " Lou told her that Big

poppie can't do that but if she goes to sleep then morning will come faster.


looked very anoyed with that answer. then she looked at Me and said " mommy big

mom mom says that poppie can never come home again. " I started to choke up

so Lou jumped in and said " no Mad he can't but he's always around. " and she

said " Daddy thats cause we need Dr. Harbison to fix poppies heart " well now

we both felt our hearts tear into two.

She left the room and never mentioned it since.

( anyone who is not familiar with Dr. Harbison thats Maddy's endo in NY who

she swears is the only person who can fix her.)

Lou said later that night her can't believe she remembers him so well and

always talks about him she was only two!!!


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