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Thank you for the warm welcome!

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Thank you for the warm welcome and the emails, it was heartwarming.

Now let me tell you about my angel, his name is Angelo born 4.1

lbs., 39.5 cm in length. He stayed in NICU for a week and another

week in nursery. From then on it was a battery of test for him to

figure out why he's small considering that he's full-term.

Fortunately he has a great pediatrician and a wonderful

endocrinologist who monitored him constantly unitl we left to go

here in U.S. last 2002. Before we left Philippines his

endocrinologist gave us 3 probable diagnosis, no. 1 on the list was

RSS which she thinks is most likely because of the clinical pictures

that he manifest. As of this moment we are currently seeing an

endocrinologist in Children's Hospital of L.A., my frustration

though is we can't seem to get a GI doctor and geneticist on board.

It is so frustrating because I already got the authorization for

both on the same hospital but they still haven't scheduled him for a

consult, and they are telling us that it usually takes months to get

an appointment. I don't know if this is how the system works here,

maybe i just got used to having his medical needs get addressed

right away when we were in the Philippines, talking about getting

spoiled hihihi. Anyway, his last check-up did not go very well, endo

said his growth is poor and the dilemma is he can't say whether its

his body that is not producing growth hormone or is it because he is

not getting enough nutrition that's why he's not producing growth

hormones. It's really frustrating because we have been in such a

standstill trying to get answers, the good thing though is that he

is gonna go ahead and do a test where Angelo will have to fast for a

day and then stay in the hospital for 4 hours to do the test. At

times I feel so inadequate because i'm suppose to know all this test

and all the things that pertains to my son's condition. But

everytime we go to the doctor my mind goes blank and I can't ask the

questions that I'm suppose to ask. I read all your emails and I am

so amazed at all this massive info that you guys share with each

other. You are all a superb mom! So right know we are still at a

standstill, Angelo's current weight is 24 lbs and he's 68 cm. Very

much active and through God's grace very much healthy. Well, that's

about it for now, i'll be looking forward to hearing from all of you.

God bless,


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