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to Kim from MaggieRe: news program

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Feel free to email me at my private address, mrbub3@... I will

mention it to my daughter that you are interested in a meet. I have no idea how

long it will be before my sister gets a reply from Benita, but since they are

accquanted( my sister has chronic fatigue syndrome and was interviewed a few

years ago for Benitas Health segment), she is hoping she could peak an interest.

Who knows how many RSS children and adults lurk in the Tri City area? I am sure

you all may have to see the same doctors at times. Devan sees Dr. Todd Giombetti

in Delmar,NY and is seeing a pediatric endocrinologist at Albany Medical Center

at the end of this month. Her surgeon is Dr. Cohen at Albany Med, he put in

Devans Mickey button.

If you would like to send me your email via my private email, go ahead and then

I can pass it on to Becky, my daughter. Maggie

Liam R Update..

> >

> >

> > Well Liam had his Endo appointment on Wednesday. I did

not post

> sooner, because I did not want my post to get lost in the


> >

> > Liam is 3 feet 4.5 inches tall (that is 40.5 inches). He was


> pounds (wearing Jeans and having just ate). At home, naked

as ajay

> bird, first thing in the morning he is 36 lbs...

> >

> > He went up alittle on his cruve, but is still about 5%, that is

> with Growth Hormones....He is between 8 and 10% for

weight....He is

> eating alittle better with the GH....His GH was not raised since


> just started back on it in December, but will most likely be


> next time which is May 24.

> >

> > His Thyriod was great, so his synthroid dose is the same...

> >

> > So all in all a good visit.....

> >

> > R

> > Mom to Jed (12) Asthma, tics, CAPD

> > Liam (5) Asthma, Epilepsy, Hearing impaired,

> > SGA, Food Allergies.

> > Orlando Fl

> >

> >

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