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Anita - Army

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Hoorah! (LOL)

Goodness.... You know we couldn't wait to get out of the Army... we

thought things would get so much better. In some ways they have... and

in others they haven't. I love having my hubby home every night and

weekend.. I can rely on his schedule so much more now! But misses

being in charge of soldiers and having respect. He's having to start all

over again... and I know that's hard on him. I have told him to join

again... I'll support his decesion... but he said he doesn't want to do

all that. Plus he thinks they won't take him back because of his

dissability from the VA. Anyway...

We were stationed at Ft. Gordan, Ga..... SHAPE, Belgium (NATO)... then

we were at a Navy support facility called NSF Thurmont. The only Army

facility we were ever stationed at was Ft. Gordan. was in for 10

years.. and thankgoodness we had both our kids in the army. Both of them

had to stay in the hospital and had unexpected expences.

I had really bad PX and commissary withdrawls... but I'm over that now.

When I have friend that are still in the military come visit, I have

them take me. :)

The thing I like the most is the over time get's paid..... I'm

going to have to get use to staying in one place larger than 4 years....

I'm going to get the itch to move.... I just know it!

Anyway.... I'd love to swap army stories with ya.... :)

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