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Re: ADD??!!!

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It is not uncommon for girls to had ADD or ADHD and not be diagnosed

until later. So many times teachers expect it from boys because

they tend to act out more. Girls are cute, they generally behave,

and they are quieter. They learn to compensate for their struggles

and hide them well. Teachers are more likely to think a girl is

just not as bright as she truly is.

The form of ADD/ADHD that girls are usually diagnosed with is in

the " executive skills " area. That refers to organization,

attention, putting thoughts on paper, remembering to do things,

etc. They involve the things that are more tied into what we do

every day and how we set ourselves up to complete our tasks. I'm

not saying there are not other things involved, but those are the

main points.

I'm glad that you are so proactive in caring for yourself. Not many

would be able to say " Hey, that sounds like me! " and then do

something about it. Good for you. Now remember to keep us posted

about your diagnosis and progress. There are more young adults (and

older adults) with this condition than we will ever know. In fact,

my husband admits he has ADD, has been diagnosed with it when Max

was younger, and he won't do a thing about it. It makes me crazy!

Jodi Z

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Oh Amy - I could just hug you. You spoke as if you have such a

great outlook and I'm so proud of you for being so positive with all

of this. I hope you will keep us posted.

- H



> Hi all,


> You've all had a great time celebrating the new year? My best


> to everyone...


> A little while ago I asked here about the mental issues of RSS.

> Someone told me that the only thing that can come with RSS is ADD.


> was like; okay, I know what ADD is, and I sure don't have that!


> But a couple of days ago I searched for problems with writing, and

> it's more common for people with ADD. So I started to think...


> this be possible? ADD are people who are never calm right? So I

> searched on the internet for some tests, and didt them. Out of 10

> (!!!) tests I did, they all said I have the " girly " form of ADD.

> It's not vissible on the outside, but it sure is there on the

> inside. The brains will work OVERTIME, you can almost describe it

> as the brain that has ADD...


> Somehowe all of this made me laugh. I have an internship at a

> special school for people with mental disorders. When I first got

> there it gave me a feeling I belonged there. Now it seems I should

> have been there as a little kid...


> I think I'm getting myself tested on ADD on a short term. Knowing

> this could be the thing that's causing so much trouble I can


> learn to live with it!


> Love,

> Amy


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