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ADD? duhuh!

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Hi all,

I was so optimistic last week...

I've done like a dozen of tests that show I have ADD. So I thougt;

let's go and find a place where I can do a real test so I know for

sure. That's where everything blew up in my face...

First I send a mail to a special kind of Child Services here in

Holland. I simply asked them the question if they knew where I can

do such a test. I couldn't go by them because I'm over eighteen

since last Septembre.

So I went to search on the internet. There it showed I had the

option of a " crazyhome " (that's how my dad always calls it), but I

find that very uncomfortable because the last thing I am is one of

their patiƫnts.

Then I saw there are two specialised doctors in ADD/ADHD in the

hospital cloze to my town. So what do I do, give em a call to see if

they do the tests and when I could come. But the only thing they

could say to me is; " Sorry miss! We only take patiƫnts who were send

here by their own doctor or by a shrink! "

I can allready see the frown on my dr's face. He didn't know from

RSS when I found out I have it and now what? Am I supposed to go see

him and say " Please send me to the hospital for a test because I

think I have ADD?? " He'll get me in that crazyhome within the day!

In the meantime the symptomes get worse. Can't do two things at

once, forget things, put thing back in the wrong place (like bread

in the fridge and things like that), yesterday I actually had

problems with cutting my food with a knife, writing is a disaster

(can bearly hold a pen anymore, and exercises don't help with this),

my wrists are now both hurting (not just the one I write with

anymore), and the typing doesn't even go splening anymore. I twist

lettres around, forget words and get a wrong letter every once in a


So what will be next? Amnesia? Forget ow to walk? Not being aible to

go to school anymore? After typing an e-mail like this all of my

fingers are curled inside... And these moodswings are also a part of

ADD. If only I knew how far I am ten years from now, would it be


Sorry, I'm not that happy anymore, but typing all of this is a



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