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I had at least 5 sezuires a day while when I was little, my mom used to joke

that if I wasn't having one I was sleeping. By the age of 10 I pretty much

stopped having them, the last time I had one was about 3 years ago. I was never

diagnosed with epileplsy, my dr called it " breath holding " to make it easier for

me later. Considering my experience I personally believe they ARE related, one

of the symptoms of this syndrome are " passing-out spells " according to a site i

found a few years back.


amber chavis wrote:

Don't mean to but in but my son is RSS and has epilepsy. They keep saying that

the two are not related but i still think the are. Amber -Grayson 2 RSS

Jeanie wrote: This is JUST a thought....

I am a HUGE fan of the Discovery Health Channel. I erased my emails

tonight and I had wanted to reply to one of s emails before I

did. I am wondering if they tested your daughter for epilepsy? I

watched a show on DHC just the other night about a little girl that

started experiencing unexplained seizures and " ticks " . They put her

through a battery of tests and couldn't find anything. Her parents

were frustrated and scared. Finally they found someone that was

willing to do whatever it took to find out what was going on and it

tured out that she had epilepsy! It took them 2 yrs. to get this

diagnosis! God knows I don't mean to scare you........but maybe you

should ask about this??? Maybe you could research if there is a

history of epilepsy in RSS kids. I'll do some myself and see what I

can find.

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