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Update -- No more IEP

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Hi everyone,

Its official, is no longer considered Special Needs by the

school system.

We had our last IEP meeting today. After reviewing s

progress (grades, evaluation results, observation from special

educator, OT, Speech therapist), we can see that has very

few issues left. The ones he does have do not impact his

academic performance. That is the legal requirement to keep

him on an IEP under the IDEA laws.

He scored above the 60th percentile on every evaluation except

one. His grades are all above grade level. He has met all of his

Speech Therapy goals. He still needs some OT.

The school agreed in writing to continue OT, to provide regular

progress reports, established goals (pretty vague but OK), and to

have an annual meeting under an ADA section 504 plan.

Essentially an IEP but less retrictive. It also brings in line

with providing his education in the Least Restricive

Environement (LRE) requirement.

While it is great news, we are still concerned about moving

to 4th grade in a new school building with a new team. We were

hoping to keep him on an IEP until October but we can see, that

he really doesn't qualify anymore and really hasn't for almost a


So, after this year, no more safety net for .

Time to have dinner.

Ken M


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