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Re: Question for the group-- Calories for a 9-month-old

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Interesting, as I just finished writing the " How to Improve Weight "

chapter for the Guidebook and just received Cindy

Baranoski's " Nutrition " chapter!

In a nutshell, it appears that RSS and SGA children (and especially

RSS children) seem to need even MORE calories than a same sized

peer, to gain weight. (and more growth hormone to grow). When

people ask me about 's disorder, I always explain that it is

a genetic growth disorder, that basically means that she needs MORE

calories and MORE growth hormone than the normal kid needs to grow.

So.... if your daughter isn't gaining weight, AND any physical

problems have been ruled out (e.g., malabsorption, celiac disease,

etc), then the bottom line is that she isn't getting enough

calories. And unfortunately, for our kids, there is no " magic " rule

for what the right amount of calories is.

IDeally, if she is FLAT in gain (meaning not losing but not

gaining), shoot for about a 25% increase in calories. This can be

done easily by compounding her formula or adding modulars like

Duocal or Polycose. This should ONLY be done with the help of a

nutritionist of physician, though. With older toddlers, you have

more options.

Do NOT give her juice!! Research shows that nothing kills an

appetite more than juice. And for a 9-month-old, it shouldn't be

used. Using a more concentrated formula is probably your best bet,

but ask your pediatrician for a referral to a nutritionist, who can

help you figure it out. My daughter was about 9-10 months old, when

our nutritionist recommended pinto beans.... good calorie and good

start of protein. We would get flavored ones from El Pollo Loco

(fast food restaurant) and lay them on her high chair and she would

pick them up with her fingers. also loved Pinto Beans from

Taco Bell (had to feed her with a spoon). Both of these were

actually recommended by the nutritionist! :)



> Greetings!


> I was wondering... what is considered sufficient calories for the


> for a 9 month old? This is 's eating schedule....

> When she wakes up she'll either nurse of have baby cereal around

7, then

> at 9ish she'' nurse before nap. When she wakes around 12 I'll feed


> some baby food 1/2 or 1 full jar of stage 2. I " m trying to get


> juice in her at this time also, but she won't drink from a bottle


> sippy cup. Then around 2 she'll nurse again before nap. When she


> around 4-5 she'll get another jar of food and some finger snacks..


> nurse a few hours later before bed. Should I push more nursing or


> baby good? She's a great eater and is always trying to get into

what we

> are eating.


> I was reading the Magic page on RSS and this question made me


> She's still really small.. she'll eat like crazy.. but got gain a



> Well.. thanks for any info or opinions.


> Pickett


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