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Re: allargest/blood sugar - Cara-.>>pat

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hay pat!!

how is ti you always point out what i would miss. thank you for putting more

question for me lol.

i guess for me i just keep thinking what if am i missing something he

does/did have a reaction to strawberries i keep thinking what if there are other

and it is making him caught/stuffy nose ect. but i would not have thought right

away of it being related to his reflux his is simmilar to brandons hard to see

he had an endoschop as well to document it. i will make sure to check both


again how would i have know to ask of the purberty thing too. he does

hae a bone age done each year it has ben about 8 mth cence the last one at that

time it was the same as befor he starter ght. and hid blood at the new doc is

done once a year at the last one it was done every time we went so we are ready

to do blood test next month when we go. what is the blood test to do to check

for ander/purbrety you know. you knowlolage has been taken into account thanks

how is brandon i hope well

hugs to you cara mom to jacob

p.s. hope to go it would be so hard to miss my children all think this is the

way we do summer now breena birtday is a few weeks befor we go and she now says

it my birthday and then chicago. she had s few good friends there too. and jacob

does too and the info we get there is invalueable

pat wrote:

Hey Cara!!

Bran went to an allergist/immunologist last year. She tests for the 20 most

common allergies plus things particular to his home environment, and came up

with ALL negative!!

However, between the allergist/immunologist and his pulmonologist they came

to the conclusion that most of his lung problems, and his stuffy

nose/persistant cough, could possibly be due to his reflux, and

microaspiration, irritating his esophagus, lungs, and sinus passages.

's mood swings resolving with food would lead me to believe that it

could be a BS problem, although he's also of an age where I would be keeping

a close eye out for signs of premature adrenarche/puberty. Mood swings come

along with those problems too! Does get yearly blood work/bone ages


Just another thought.


Pat (g-ma to , RSS, 4yrs 1m old, 28# 10oz, 35 " , G-tube, GHT)

PS - are you all doing the convention this summer??? Hope to see you there!!

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