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Extreme bloating. Please help.

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My child's bloating got worse on SCD and has never healed even though

she has been on SCD for a year now.

A month ago, I re-did intro for her and it still didn't help.

Some suggested lesser fruits and I have reduced it by about half but

the bloat still didn't go away.

The food she is currently on are:

1. zucchni (lots)

2. meat (duck, pheasant, cornish game hen, rabbit, or buffalo)

3. applesauce every other day. about 4 apples in 1 day.

4. honeydew every other day. about 1 small honeydew in a day.

5. some banana every 5 days or so

6. some avocado once a month (eating a whole avocado in one day cause


7. a little carrot, once every two week (appears in the poop)

8. butternut squash, every 4 days

9. acorn squash, every 4 days

10. applejuice

11. water left in the pot from boiling the honeydew

Everything is skinned, seeded and well cooked.

No yogurt because her IgG test showed a red line all the way to the

end of the page. I have just gotten my yogurt maker but have yet to

order the Progurt starter.

Her bloating in the last week worsen. Very very bad. Her tummy feels

hard by the end of the day. She wakes up with a flat tummy every


Any idea what this is?

Yeast? We did take out Nystatin a few weeks ago since she didn't see

any improvement with it. She does have a slightly white tongue.

Please please help. Desperate. It is very painfaul to see her big

hard tummy. I can't even carry her because her tummy gets in the way!

Thank you.

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