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Re: Do you regret the Doc band?

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hi sarah,

i had a lot of the same concerns as you. my little guy can be really

fussy and would tear hats off his head a lot, so i worried that the

band would cause him a lot of discomfort. to our surprise, he's been

great with it and barely notices it.

we are in san diego and luckily the weather is very mild. we had a

few days of sweatiness but it's gone away; his body has adjusted to

the helmet just fine. there is still some funk that we have to deal

with daily, but overall it's not as bad as i thought.

our son doesn't have plagio, but has brachy, which is the flatness in

the back. so we aren't battling any asymmetry but we are trying to

make his head more round in the back. so it was a tough decision for

us b/c our pediatrician was saying it's entirely subjective and

cosmetic. in the end we decided to do it becuase of the regret

issue. you can only regret NOT doing it, because you will always

wonder. we got banded 4 weeks ago and have not regretted it since.

i don't know what kind of results we will get, but we aren't seeking

perfection and even if we took the band off tomorrow, we think it's

better than having done nothing! our son was also very stubborn and

any repo we tried he wiggled right out of, so i knew that it wouldn't

just " work itself out " .

hope that helps and good luck w/ your decision!

> > > > >

> > > > > We have recently been told by our pediatrician that our


> who

> > is 4

> > > > > months old should get the Doc Band. We feel conflicted and


> > > > > wondering if any of you ever regretted doing the Doc Band.

> We've

> > > > been

> > > > > told by another ped that the child's head will form


> by the

> > > > > time he's two without it, while our current ped told us to

> get the

> > > > Doc

> > > > > Band.

> > > > >

> > > > > Any advice?

> > > > >

> > > >

> > > >

> > > >

> > >

> >


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