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Re: Do you regret the Doc band?

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Thank you very much for all your replies. My husband and I feel much

better about it. I felt so badly about not doing more. We tried

re-positioning but he is very stubborn. I thought about a travel

pillow, what do you all use that's helped keep his head in place?

I was really worried and anxious about the Doc Band b/c I was afraid

of its discomfort for my son, who cries when I even put a little hat

on him. He can't stand the heat and ironically we live in sunny

California. We do have an appt tomorrow for a consultation b/c our

ped told us to get the Doc Band immediately as it is one of the worst

cases he's ever seen. I never really was aware of how severe it was

until he pointed it out to us and told us that the right side is so

flat that his right ear is pushed forward. He also told us b/c he's

still only 4 months old, he should only be wearing it for about 2

months. Do the ears get corrected as well? I am also afraid of his

flat head coming back when he's done with the Band but I am planning

on carrying him in a sling or carrier from now on b/c I've put him in

too many bouncers and swings. In fact, my other ped (the one who said

it'll re-position itself at 2) told us to put him in a carseat for 3

hours every day to fix the problem. After reading your posts I am

glad we switched to our new ped, who on our first visit filled us a

prescription for the Band and absolutely said we had to go.

Thanks for all the imput and sorry about asking so many questions!

> > >

> > > We have recently been told by our pediatrician that our baby who

is 4

> > > months old should get the Doc Band. We feel conflicted and are

> > > wondering if any of you ever regretted doing the Doc Band. We've

> > been

> > > told by another ped that the child's head will form normally by the

> > > time he's two without it, while our current ped told us to get the

> > Doc

> > > Band.

> > >

> > > Any advice?

> > >

> >

> >

> >


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