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Re: Can't decide cranio sacral massages or helmet...pls help!

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Hi Yee,

The ones I know are UK, Germany and Spain. You can check

www.orthomerica.com to see the starscanner locations (those locations

provide starbands). Also Cranial Tech has a location in Spain where

you can get a docband (www.cranialtech.com).


sydney, almost 3 yrs, starband grad

> >

> > Hi all, my baby boy is 5 months old and has a very flat head on


> > back. I noticed this when he was 3 months old and tried

> > repositioning. Always tried to let him sleep on his left or right


> > didn't work too well since he moved and slept on his back again.


> > bought him a SleepCurve mattress two weeks ago and think it helps


> > pop out the head a tiny bit. Just started the cranio sacral


> > last week, don't see any results yet.

> >

> > My question is I can't decide I should continue the cranio

massages or

> > should I go straight to the helmet. My understanding is the


> > works best if starting treatment before 6 months old. So I'm

afraid if

> > I try the cranio massages for a couple sessions and doesn't work


> > I'm delaying treatment for my baby and ended up with less


> > results. Also I live in Norway, all the doctors and specialists I

> > talked to are againist helmet. This is very frustrated for me as


> > don't have too many sources to find out what are the best options


> > my boy here. Pls help!

> >

> > Yee

> >


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