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Re: lots of questions, new to all of this...

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Thanks to all who responded. I guess my biggest question is w/o doing

a CT or MRI how do they rule out someting more

serious....craniosynostosis.....tumors...etc...?? I am worrying too


I live in Harford County, MD (in the north east part of the state) I

am feeeling guilty that we are really only looking at going the

STARband in Columbia, MD, and not exlplornig the others. The Doc band

places are really a lot farther away.

Everyone that I know has gone to the palce in VA. Is the place

Columbia that new??? I'm just nervous b/c they don't seem to be as


-- In Plagiocephaly , " xraygrl873 " <xraygrl873@...>



> Hello,

> I am an xray tech and mother of a daughter with plagio and tort so


> will try and answer your question. What was he looking for in

> ordering the xray. My daughter also had an xray to see if the


> were fused. Sometimes you need a cat-scan to see this b/c the

> resolution on the xrays aren't as good as a cat-scan. There is more

> radation to the face involved with cat-scan but it would be


> if unable to tell if the sutures were fused from the plain xray


> As for an MRI I'm not sure why he would want that. That shows brain

> and muscles and tissues not boney structures. Sedation would be

> needed b/c a MRI takes anywhere from 30 min. to 1 hour or longer.


> also have to lie prefectly still for the entire thing. A Cat-scan


> very fast. We go to Cranial Tech. in Annondale, Virginia and love


> there. I'm note sure how long of a drive that would be for you. We

> travel 2 hours one way to get there. I also checked into the


> Inst. but we never made an apt. there. My daughterd wasn't that bad

> but from what I've read it is a very good place. Hope this helps





> > >

> > > My daughter is now six months old. At 4 months we started PT


> her

> > > torticollis. It has responded somewhat, but not enough. This


> my

> > > ped. referred us to a neurologist who recommends the Starband


> of

> > > her facial asymmentry.. ... my questions

> > >

> > > - Although we have had an x-ray, should we still have an MRI to

> rule

> > > out any underlying issues? The neurologist said he was on the

> fence

> > > about it since it involved sedation.

> > >

> > > - Has anyone had a good/bad experience w/ the STARband in

> Columbia, Md?

> > > Should I drive little further and do a DOC band instead?

> > >

> > > - I plan to get a second opinion from another neurologist. Has

> anyone

> > > ever gone to Dr. Ahn (Hopkins) or Kenney Kreiger..any

> recommendations.

> > >

> > > Thanks!

> > >

> >


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