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Also day 2 in helmet- Some sliding and some red spots where sideburns are

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Hi , and everyone. Diego is also in his second day with his new Starband.

His band also seems to move just a tad lower towards his brows if he's laying

down and moves his head back, but it doesn't seem like a problem. What we have

noticed is that the sideburns seem to be a little tight on his cheeks, just in

front of his ears, and the skin there stays red and hot for a few hours after

the helmet comes off. It's almost like a little indentation of the side

burns.... but it does go away, so we put the helmet back on today. Does anyone

have any experience with this?


Cecily, mom to Diego, 5 months today, 2 days in his Starband



From: sbmcd15@...

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 18:20:47 -0700

Subject: day 2 helmet- is sliding normal?

We are on day two with our new helmet. Luckily my daughter has taken to it

pretty well. I am a little concerned how close it comes to her eyebrows- I know

she has plagio and brachy so it can't be as band like as other kids might have.

Is it normal for the band to slide around a little, our ortho said that she will

grow into it. We used a local place that our ped recommended and took his own

son too, but I hope that wasn't a mistake. He is a wonderful person and very

patient, but I hope the fit is as good as possible. My daughter also always has

a mark on the side of her forehead and down near her ear that takes a long time

to go away from the edge of the helmet- has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for your help!

Mom to McKenna- 6 months- day 2 in helmet


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