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I assume your name is ..........please sign your messages

so we can get to know you. First, welcome to our home. We are

sorry you have to find us because of Neurosarcoidosis, but at the

same time, we are glad you found us. This is a caring list -- one

where you can ask questions --(by the way, there are NO stupid

questions)!!!! That is how you learn. There are over 530+ members

here and there are many who are very knowledgeable and willing to

answer questions and help when they can. We also have Files where

you will find many informative files and help for your questions.

There are also Archives where you can search through.

One thing to remember though, is that we are ALL sick here. So if

you ask a question, please give us a day or so to answer. I am a

Co-Owner and we have another Co-Owner named Tracie. We have

several Moderators - Rose, Debbie, Theresa, Marla, and Kim. We

will try and get back to you with answers as soon as possible. There

are many members, like I stated, that will be willing to help answer

questions also. So...........again, WELCOME to our family and I

hope you find your answers here.



NS Co-Owner/Moderator


Hi folks have Neursarcoidosis since May of 2008. Still learningat it (neursarcoidosis) I you will excuse me if I ask stupid questions.

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