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Re: Marla and nerve pain

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Hey Jackie, I never thought about my sarcoid having anything to do with my ears ringing, and oh by the way you do get used to it in a weird sort of way. Both my ears do it to the tune of what sounds like about 20 crickets per ear, but it's been going on so long I don't pay it much attention unless the room gets too quiet. Learn something new everyday.

Hope everybody feels better, and

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE OCTOBER YOUNGSTERS!" I tried to access the birthday cards on my computer, but I couldn't get it to work. (What's new)

HI marla,

you gals know I suffer with this daily and flare ups often. I know the head pain so well, that feeling of just touching my scalp drives me crazy.

But I did find one relief not a cure all together but Dr Ross put me on Elivil 25mg at bedtime and it has cut down on the nerve pain in my head. He did have me on 50mg at bed and had to go to 25 because of the elivil races my heart. and due to the sarcoid in my L-adrenal gland my heart races 178bpm anyway, so i have to take tenormin 25mg at bed to just keep my heart rate at about 60ty than put the elivil 50mg ontop of that was just toooo much

But the Elivil was just a thought , maybe you already tried it?

anywho... im done

many hugs and blessings and a pain free day

-- Marla BramerIndependent Beauty Consultant Kay mbramer (AT) marykay (DOT) comwww.marykay. com/mbramer


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