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Re: Re: The trigeminal nerve Dental work

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One of the tricks I've learned is that if I have to have any dental work done, by taking an antihistamine before and after the dental work-- I have very little pain in the nerves of my face and jaws, along with my sinuses.

Since all are effected by the sarc-- I'm glad to have figured this one out.

Actually, it makes sense, since the roots of the teeth go into the sinuses-- any work on either can more than ruin even a bad day. ..

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Re: The trigeminal nerve


They did find the bands in my spinal fluid, it seems double whammys are all over with this. That is good that pulling the tooth worked, sometimes root canals can make it worse. I've had two root canals on one tooth, one on another and nothing worked. I had workups for TMJ too. I started with it in 1996 and fought with it until 2005. I was afraid of the surgery back when it first came out but it was incredibly simple. Well, having 125 laser beams pointed at a single nerve at the base of your brain I guess isn't simple but it was an outpatient procedure, you just have to find a hospital with the facilites and a doctor that is trained on it. I still get some residual pain, like now with a sinus infection it flares up but is so much better than before. My prayers are with anyone struggling with it, it is a horrible kind of pain.


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