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Judy, Thanks for the update, good to hear from you, sorry you are in so much pain, the water therapy sounds great, I try and do the treadmill when I can, but that isn't very much and only 10 mins or so, it would be great to try it in a warm pool, what

a great idea. Hang in there, and hope life gets better soon for you. My Remicade which I was suppose to get tomorrow and very much in need of it, is postponed, my liver enzymes are up, and I have to see a " liver " specialist

next week, always something right. God Bless, and keeping you in my prayers, Marla

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new members. I'm and Oldie but Goodie, been here since the website began. I was first diagnosed in 1971.

Lately my life has been having lots of ups and downs. I finely had my bone marrow biopsy which to my surprise was completely normal. So my never ending anemia is probably of Chronic Disease.

I have been in pool therapy for about 3 weeks, the water is a lovely y 92 or 93 degree pool . The floor of the pool is a treadmill and the speed is adjustable and they also can turn on a water Jet to give you some resistance. I'm really doing pretty well I can see improvment in my balance and my endurance. I will have this for one more week and then they will do another eval because both my rotator cuffs were torn in the auto accident last September 16th. I will then be doing another round of therapy, this time in the pool. I gave in and finely hired a law form to represent me. Because if anything happened to Bob I would ot be able to live without someone to assist me.

Bob is going through a rough time now because of my constantly being in pain.

He called a friend in Chicago today and actually started to cry as they were talking. He is such a dear man, I sure hope that our lives on this earth will end at the same time. We have been married 45 years now. Bob will turn 68 on Sept 9th.

Rose if you are out there please send me your phone number, We need to talk. I can make free long distance calls from my regular phone now.

It appears my kidneys are really starting to fail big time, but more of that on another day.

Has anyone heard from Stu and Izzy, I am really worried about them.

I read the posts every day but have not had much energy, Therapy takes a toll on my energy.

You are all in my thoughts,

Judy in PA.

-- Marla Bramer Independent Beauty Consultant Kaymbramer@... www.marykay.com

'I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you; Plans to give you a future and a hope

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