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A question of faith

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I sit here tonight, having read a story of a man who needed to be hit by a brick to slow down and see that someone needed

help. It's a story I've read many times over the years-- and it always reminds me that it is important to be aware of the needs of those around me.

I also watched the last episode of Boston Legal-- and it was about the fact that there is a drug that does not have FDA approval in the States, but is in clinical trial in Europe. It can cure or at least make better-- the disease of Alzheimers. Danny Crane has the money to pay for the medication, is willing to risk any side effects- even the possiblity of it making the disease worse-- is willing to sign up for a clinical trial, is willing to risk death- to save his mind. An attorney without a brain is not worth much-- and so the story goes--

(I won't go into the whole thing here, as some of you haven't seen it yet- but do watch it.)

More importantly, I see all of us facing similar decisions. Decisions about what to do test wise; do we have this biopsied, do we try that "chemo" drug, do we risk the possible side effects of longterm steroid use, do we push the envelope and try one of the new "biologicals" and maybe get cancer.

Do we turn it all over in Faith-- and hope that our fellow members see us as strong enough in Faith in their eyes to deserve that healing-- ( maybe it's a zealous family member or friend that has decided we aren't real with our disease or active enough in our church or faith - and if only we were we'd be healed.)

Do we do enough with the research we share to help each other make those decisions, or do we apologize if something we post that hints of needing to slow down and be grateful that someone throws a brick at us to make us realize that we needed to slow down is not an insult but a story and allow the story to feed our souls.

Do we say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanakah, or Namaste (The Devine in me honors the Devine in you, or Una-maste (one Master) ) and recognize that each of us celebrates and learns to rely on more than is just what we've grown to believe-- or quote Scripture without understanding the Whole-ness (holyness) of what we share.

This journey takes faith. Mustard seeds, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds-- seeds of grace, seeds of love, nurturing, forgiveness, trust, honesty, open-ness, life changing faith.

There is a beautiful passage in Melody Beattie's book, THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO--- that states-- Feb. 12, You have started on a journey, and the path has not been easy. You've made it across the bridge, and there are some that are left behind. You can't go back and drag them forcefully across the bridge-- they aren't ready yet. You can, however, shine your light from the side you are on, you can cheer them on, and you can greet them when they grow strong enough to make the journey across the bridge and into the light.

Be aware, if you try to force them across before they are ready, they might come across, but they will go back to their destructive ways. For that is what they know as "safe." Even if they want to be with you in the light. It - the journey- must be their choice to make. Trust that the light you carry forward will be enough for them to want to join you, or not-- and that must be okay for them. It is your path you must walk-- and share the small victories.

Even if they never choose to cross the bridge-- you must for your own healing, allow this journey.

(I don't have the exact words here- so I've not put it in quotes.)

This is what I have envisioned this group to be-- never did any of us dream that over 550 people would be on this path and that we collectively light the way for each other. What and how you decide to take this journey is your choice. We don't yet know what causes sarcoidosis, and we don't yet have a cure. We do have a WHOLE lot of people lighting the way-- in their own fashion, in their own title of faith-- but it is a journey of extreme faith. That is what we must respect- more than any other-- that faith is what keeps each of us going. Not necessarily religion, but FAITH.

My love to all this wonderful Christmas season,

Happy Hanakah, Namaste, PAZ on Earth, Goodwill,



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