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I do not post very much I have been really sick and don't get to get

on the computer as much as i should. I read a lot of the postings

and it has been really helpful to me. I am on long term disability

from my job i only get 60% of my pay and i lost my medical insureance

but i am greatful fo rwhat i have. I am appling for socicial

security disability and i was wondering how the process works. It

was very difficult form me to do but i suddenly realized that i

havent been able to work since Feb 12 2008. I kept thinking that i

would get better but, it's just not working. I filled out the

paperwork and then i got another set of paperwork in the mail that

they want me to fill out and send in, but the questions are almost

exactly the same as the first onest i filled out. Are they trying to

see if i answer it the same??? Maybe i just don't understand. Should

i send extra information regarding my illness along with the

paperwork. I feel like the more information i give them the better

off i will be. Please anyone with experience your help will be

greatly appreciated.


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